11 Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin in India (2020 Updated)

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If your product expires stops working, or isn't valid upon purchase, you will get a free replacement as long as its under warranty period.


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MXC Global steps forward in the Turkish cryptocurrency market after partnering with MenaPay

MXC Global steps forward in the Turkish cryptocurrency market after partnering with MenaPay

1. MXC Global Partners with MenaPay to Expand the Market in Turkey and Islamic Countries
According to ChainNews, Turkey local time on July 30, MXC Global announced a strategic cooperation with the compliance payment platform MenaPay in fiat currency. MXC will expand the Turkish and Islamic markets with the help of MenaPay.
MenaPay is the first SuperApp in the Middle East and North Africa region to fully support blockchain-based non-bank mobile payment solutions under Islamic financial regulations.
This means that MXC Global steps forward in the cryptocurrency market, also has expanded further in the Turkish market.
As early as March this year, MXC Global has successfully pioneered the cryptocurrency market in Turkey. By cooperating with the local Blockchain Platform Blockchain Turkey Platform (BCTR), MXC Global started to build a sustainable blockchain ecological sharing platform.
BCTR was established on the initiative of the Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV). Its members include AKBank, one of the largest banks in Turkey, Beilbim, a Turkish electronic money and payment services company, as well as MXC Global, a cryptocurrency trading platform.
It reflects the truth that MXC Global values the Turkish cryptocurrency market and cryptocurrencies in the field of electronic payments. Obviously, Turkey’s cryptocurrency market is of great significance to MXC Global’s expansion of the global market.
It can be informed by Turkey’s geographical location and local cryptocurrency trading volume.
Turkey has a population of about 82 million. It spans Europe and Asia. It connects with Georgia , Armenia and Iran in the east, borders the Black Sea in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in the south, and the Aegean Sea in the west. It is an important commercial hub connecting Europe and Asia. Its location plays a role.
Additionally, Turkey is one of the countries with the largest number of cryptocurrencies in the world after the United States, Japan and South Korea. According to a survey by Ing Bank, 18% of people in Turkey say they own cryptocurrency, which is much higher than the European average, 9%.
Coinhills data shows that as of July 17, the trading volume of Turkish fiat currency, Lira to Bitcoin was approximately USD 49.13 million, next to that of the USD, JYP and EUR.
Çağla Gül Şenkardeş, MenaPay CEO once said in an interview: “Traders now have the option to deposit with fiat currencies directly to their accounts on MXC Global by MenaPay QR code, bank transfer or credit card options easily in seconds. We will continue investing the technology to improve the integrated payment solution and expanding their services to other sectors as well.”
2. MXC Global Attracts Cryptocurrency Traders Through a Multi-Dimensional Compliance Operation Strategy
Nowadays, not only cryptocurrency exchanges are actively expanding global cryptocurrency payment channels, but also traditional electronic payment and business platforms are optimistic about the cryptocurrency payment method.
Payment giant PayPal, one of the first companies in the world to support Bitcoin payments, plans to launch a business of selling cryptocurrencies directly to its users and a built-in wallet feature for storing cryptocurrencies earlier this month. The new function is scheduled to be launched within three months at the latest.
Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce giant who announced that it would release cryptocurrencies in 2018, had acquired Everybody’s Bitcoin, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, for USD 2.4 million. It also lays out the full range of cryptocurrency applications in the field of electronic payments.
In December 2019, Rakuten announced that it supports customers to convert Rakuten Group Super Points into top market cap coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In February, Rakuten declared that it would further support customers in cryptocurrency trading after a business restructuring.
With the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the world, more and more e-commerce platforms have to adapt to the current market demand, open cryptocurrency payment methods to meet customers’ needs.
MXC Global, a cryptocurrency trading platform, can further expand the cryptocurrency compliance trading market by cooperating with MenaPay, an electronic payment platform, and promote the application of cryptocurrencies in practical scenarios.
Apart from MenaPay, MXC Global has also partnered with Banxa, a payment processing platform in Southeast Asia, and Simplex, a European compliant payment company who supports trading in AUD, USD, GBP, EUR etc. Thus, users can use Visa and Master cards to purchase major coins such as BTC and ETH.
MXC Global has become an emerging cryptocurrency trading platform after two and a half years’ globally regulated operations. The trading volume accounts for 5% of the global market. Its users come from a diverse background, coving language areas of English, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Malay, India, Africa and so on.
Since 2019, MXC Global has successively obtained legal licenses of MTR in Estonian, MSB in the U.S, AUSTRAC in Australian, MSB in Canadian and VQF in Swiss. It is currently one of the global exchanges that have the most multi-country operating licenses. It can provide services under the guidance of local regulatory authorities.
MXC Global not only actively seeks registration of legal licenses globally, but also partners with well-known electronic payment companies. It carries out multi-angle global compliance operations to expand cryptocurrency traders.
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Indian Podcasts Recommendations

I've seen a few posts asking for podcast recommendations, so here's a recommendation thread. This is not a comprehensive list (you can find a comprehensive list by yogesh_calm here. While lists like that are great to have, it's hard to figure out whether a particular podcast is worth listening to. So here I have tried to include some notes about the podcast and recommend a particular episode as well. The quality of these podcasts can vary a lot, but these are some that I found were worth listening to. Anything I especially recommend has a star ★ next to it. I've also mentioned the language of the podcast. Hope you find this useful.
News and Politics:
Literature and Fiction
Science, Research, and Technology
Culture and Lifestyle
Business and Finance
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Betting Sites › Best Online Betting Sites in India (Feb 2020)

Internet wagering is at present legitimate in practically all over India. These wagering destinations offer an assortment of sports to draw in players of India to exploit a few extraordinary offers and great returns. Wagering is progressively respected in India. With an ever increasing number of internet wagering destinations hoping to take advantage of the gainful Indian market, it very well may be trying to pick between them. We should investigate how to locate the best wagering destinations.
Betway is one of the most well known destinations. Betway is offering a thorough and monstrous scope of sports and markets. Additionally, their advancements and prizes for existing client continue moving week to week. They don't stop here. Betway incorporates probably the most exciting gambling club games, and they offer top quality rewards and store strategies which suits you.
The guts site is reasonable for live wagering. Guts begin working in 2013, and it was at first planned towards gambling club and gaming. In any case, inside a year they propelled their online sportsbook for clients. Guts sportsbook was fundamentally about football. Yet, presently they are offering a lot of significant games like football, tennis and cricket. You can guarantee their welcome reward by experiencing the prize area, and you can likewise recover your cash a sportsbook reward.
Ladbrokes is one of the notable high road name from British wagering history. They began their tasks in 18 century and their organizer Harry Ogden is perceived at the UK's first expert bookmaker. They began their web based wagering in 2000. You can get extraordinary North America sports inclusion alongside everything from Aussies Rules to Chess, Golf, MMA, Volleyball and pretty much everything in the middle of, just as pony dashing.
Moplay is an online bookmaker which is concentrating on the portable parts of betting. Moplay started working in 2018. Pre-organize markets were in abundance additionally in examining around at different games like football, tennis and cricket. They do offer moment money out on sure decisions.
Boylesports is one of the solid free bookmaker brand subsidized in 1989 in Ireland. They have a major web business just as web based wagering administration. The edge is to some degree higher on soccer, around 6% yet the rest of the sportsbook is trading with a great deal of lower betting edge, particularly tennis which is essentially roughly 3.1%.
Sportingbet started working in 1998. They have presented their administrations across 26 nations around the world. Sportingbet is clear in working since they are offering straight forward wagering administration for their clients.
It is an online bookmaker that underpins client showcase from India. This bookmaker permits secure route framework for better client experience for its clients. This site is an enrolled one, so it is ok for bettors to play their chances helpfully. They offer an assortment of choices like live wagering, club games betting and chances wagering. In any case, the new clients are given with 100% reward on making their first store.
8-William Hill
It is a notable brand far and wide. William slope was established in 1934. They have a fabulous inclusion of live football matches and different games. Their bet slip is splendid as well, allowing you full usefulness in controlling your wagering alternatives. You can make installment and withdrawal through various techniques.
Betvictor began its capacities during the 1940s. Through quality organizations, they have grown an enormous nearness in the online business. Betvictor isn't constrained to sports wagering, and they are likewise running some non-sports markets. They have entirely broad sportsbook which incorporates rugby, snooker, volleyball, cricket and darts.
22bet was set up in2017. Their sportsbook is an incredible fascination towards clients. Football, cricket, golf and tennis are the principle zones to take a gander at. 22bet is exceptionally liberal when discussing welcome rewards. Their clients must be 18+ to enroll themselves.
11-Paddy Power
Paddy Power is one of the most famous brands which is perceived all around the globe. They began their administrations in 1988 when three Irish bookmakers met up. There is a gigantic mean acknowledge in the Paddy Power sportsbook.
Unibet is one of the well known brands in Europe and India. It was established in 1997. Their sportsbook spread tennis, football, b-ball just as chess, futsal, floor ball, bandy and surfing. They likewise offer a cash back reward for new clients. They offer a gigantic scope of wagering markets.
Unibet is probably the most seasoned game bookmaker around the world, set up in 1997, serving a large number of web based wagering account holders. It is notable all over Europe for its superb games wagering, online gambling club and poker stages.
Betfred is a British bookmaker. They offer their administrations for India also. Betting power licenses them. The Betfred Empire starts working in 1967. They are offering a noteworthy edge on football wagering. You can either utilize their versatile application or site to make the most of their administrations.
It is an European based wagering stage which acknowledges the clients of India also. It is one of the perceived brands in odd markets. They are covering numerous games like rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis, horse dashing golf, boxing cycling and numerous others. You can make the most of their liberal invite offers.
When discussing Indian bookmakers, Coral is among the primary names you can consider. Coral was established during the 1920s, and it is one of the most well known brands when talking about excellent items and offers. They show top European nearby soccer with stunning highlights. Numerous different games have been presented, including football classes.
16-Royal Panda
Illustrious Panda is a worldwide stage which is offering their administrations all around India. They are advancing on the web gambling clubs, not the sportsbook. You can utilize their versatile application and site to make the most of their inventive rewards. It is one of the strictest betting locales. They are offering a wide scope of wagering markets. They are covering circuitous 40 games and a lot of classes.
Smarkets is an online stage which was established by a little gathering of speculator. They are acclaimed for their propelled exchanging stage and 25th quickest developed organization in Europe. Smarkets is exceptionally simple to utilize. They are sans offering wagers for their new clients and welcome rewards. Their essential center is noteworthy games like football tennis, golf, baseball and cricket.
It gives a gigantic portable wagering experience. Leovegas assumes an indispensable job in Indian wagering site. As we enter the landing page of Leovegas India, the primary thing we see slider is a slider in the focal point of the screen, publicizing for the most well known games and advancements here on Leovegas. Leovegas offers a clean and userfriendly stage.
As an ever increasing number of wagering locales are beginning to focus on the imperative Indian market, it is turning into somewhat hard for players to choose which spot is most appropriate for them. One of the most common issues is by all accounts how to get to these sites
Bet365 is celebrated for being one of the greatest and best-wagering locales on the planet. Be that as it may, what makes Bet365 great? That response to this inquiry is that Bet365 has taken the internet wagering industry to an uncommon new level. They give the best betting involvement with all territories. They have the most gigantic assortment of gambling club games and sports wagering. They offer the best portable wagering experience, the best reward on wagering and simply the most amazing live betting experience generally.
Be that as it may, the point which makes Bet365 the world's greatest wagering site is the notoriety for unwavering quality that they have worked for themselves in years. Bet365 is a wagering site you can trust. They generally pay what they owe, and they put incredible significance on their notoriety is the thing that makes Bet365 a genuinely extraordinary bookmaker.
Sportsbet.io is a worldwide games wagering organization that was established by individuals with an energy for sports. When you enter the site of Sportsbet.io, you get the inclination that this whole site is committed to sports wagering. It doesn't have the equivalent lavish impression that you jump on an old wagering site like Unibet or Betway. It's more Spartan and old school.
Then again, this isn't really an awful thing. They don't attempt to push ads or advancements at all of you an opportunity to achieve client's consideration. It's an entirely reliable spot for individuals who simply need to put down wagers and not need to stress over something over the top.
Bodog is an old wagering bookmaker really among the most seasoned on the planet which has as of late opened up and began tolerating Indians players.
They have set up the procedure of the wagering site principally to serve bettors from India, where they endeavor an assortment of live cricket wagering alternatives, give helpful choices of storing cash and permit Indian money.
On the off chance that you appreciate sports wagering and club games or poker sitting, at that point you will in all likelihood appreciate Bodog India.
Bodog begins from Europe, yet it has an Indian site that is customized to suit the flavor of Indian players. Consequently it is of nothing unexpected to discover that the Bodog India Sports wagering is wealthy in cricket wagering.
The sportsbook incorporates all the noteworthy universal cricket competitions and arrangement, just as the well known classes like the Indian Premier League and the huge slam group Australia.
1XBET Bookmaker is a youthful and quickly developing wagering site. Established in 2007, earlier it worked distinctly in the region, with more than 1,000 wagering bookmakers in Russia, and later started the experience in the online market. 1XBET is viewed as the main global bookmaker, in India the genuine speculators know it for quite a while in light of the fact that he underpins Indian rupee (INR) and has a Hindi language Version.
1XBET is mainstream for Indian expert punters, yet before long will be known in each edge of India, for the straightforward reasons that its installments segment is adjustable. So you can pick INDIA (from the rundown of nations) and see the techniques for stores and pulls back are accessible, obviously, don't missing Neteller and skrill all simple and clear.
On the off chance that you are searching for a bookmaker that gives the best chances on the most famous games, the Betwinner might be the wagering site you are searching for.
Wager victor is a moderately new wagering site, however they have just become famous as the spot to be with regards to finding the best chances.
Wager victor is a moderately ongoing theorist that start its tasks in 2016 in the wake of accomplishing an administration permit from (Curaçao eGaming) for working on the web. Betb2b.com fabricated this site, and it is a similar program that is adding to 1xBET (acclaimed administrator of Russia) since 2007.
Regardless of whether it is their online club activity or their games extend, COMEON India perseveres freely from others, through their broad inclusion and activities. They spread 29 classes of sports and offer a few other elective markets. This sportsbook underpins practically all standard installment designs and gives an incredible reward to new clients.
When you join as a part, you get an invite reward, and you can pick the alternative for the prize that you like. You can store cash once you sign in to your record by essentially tapping on the decision of store. ComeOn India offers the accompanying choices to store your cash
Visa Card
Paysafe Card
MuchBetter and the sky is the limit from there
This is something we appreciate prescribe when you are simply beginning on another game. Start by playing for no particular reason, and once you've seen that you can bring in cash at this game, at that point toss in some genuine and unique rupees.
Genuine wagering is a zenith with brilliant highlights and extraordinary advancements
At Pinnacle, we know about definitely what Indian players search for in an amazing on the web gambling club. That is the reason we've accumulated a breathtaking mix of the most reliable online gambling club clubs around. Additionally, determinations of incredible table games don't stop there and make your life agreeable and simple we likewise offer a colossal assortment of store strategies for Indians gambling club players.
Our consideration is currently redirected to the focal point of the screen where we see an advancement slider. It is where Unibet features all the present advancements that they are running. They are very brave advancements going on, which we will investigate later. One thing we notice is that all the costs are named in euros.
Beside the live wagering segment, we notice a catch named "supertoto'", and we choose to look at it. It ends up being another uncommon capacity, which is truly remarkable when contrasted with Unibet. Supertoto is a basic method to put down a wager on sports. The objective is to wagered on the result of whatever number matches as could be expected under the circumstances. You can wager on a success, lose or draw.
Matchbook offers a total sportsbook with in excess of 40 distinct games classifications to bet on, including cricket, football, tennis, horse dashing and practically all the famous games, just as e-sports, expert wrestling and different less normal games. You have a decision of live wagering on each live match that is occurring right now, and numerous competitions can even be live-spilled with liberated from cost office. The main standard is that you include put down a wager inside the most recent 24 hours. That gives you full access to the live spilling capacity.
Betfair is one of the world's biggest global online games wagering specialist co-ops. Betfair has more than 2,000 utilizes around the world. Betfair holds betting permit in Malta, Gibraltar Italy, Tasmania and the United States. Betfair is promising in conveying exclusive expectations of respectability and has ensured more than 40 Memoranda of Understanding with the administering groups of sports.
Betfair is the most significant wagering bookmaker on the planet, offering a wide scope of wagering items including exotics wagering markets and extraordinary games, huge poker networks, arcade games and a gambling club.
Something that make Dafabet one of a kind is that they were made to serve the Asian market. All things considered, we can see that they are doing a great deal to interest Asian players, and particularly Indian players. For instance, we realize that they acknowledge Indian cash stores. They additionally offer loads of well known Indian games, for example, cricket, tennis and kabaddi. As an Indian player, it is pleasant to feel like you are esteemed as a client. There is likewise a lot of European games and well known Asian games and gambling club games accessible.
It is an energizing and one of a kind internet betting webpage having a place with the European island naming Malta. The site is special it might be said that it depends on a superhuman topic which is an uncommon thing we have seen on some other wagering site previously. This current bookmaker's appeal is a hero naming Captain Rizk, and his topic can be discovered everywhere throughout the site.
32-Meridian BET
Meridian Bet is a main worldwide supplier of on the web and land-based games wagering arrangements with 700+ wagering shops in 35 nations around four landmasses? Their most noteworthy accomplishment is the steady income development pace of 20% over the most recent three years. They likewise offer an every minute of every day client assistance by means of live talk, telephone, email or informal community.
Inside an incredibly solemn methodology towards security and visitor administration, SBOBET is a main web based gaming brand. They have won the Asian Operator of the year grant for 2009-10. SBOBET offers you a quick and secure player condition with prompt winning outcomes, fast installments and simple access to nonstop web based wagering.
This webpage is among the world's biggest online poker rooms and sports wagering destinations offering phenomenal chances to its players. Its immense number of enlisted genuine cash players has surpassed 3,000,000. This site gives dependable gaming instruments to make poker protected and a good time for the players.
This site is known to be the highest quality level in internet gaming. It offers on the web and via telephone wagers for open parlays. Owning the business for over 15 years adds to unwavering quality. This site gives the player's cashback rewards, diminished juice wagers, free play remunerates and significantly more.
Situated in Georgia, this organization is the main site in the nation. Players can play gambling club games on the web or entertain themselves with sports wagering at this bookmaker website.
Planetwin365 is Europe's quickest developing wagering and gaming administrators. This site is working with a large number of subsidiary accomplices over the world. More than one million wagers are handled day by day, and it additionally supplies in excess of 1300 retail outlets. The brand planetwin 365 is claimed by the SKS365 gathering of organizations which holds online licenses alongside land-based licenses from seven nations in Europe.
38-Red Sport
Red game is a worldwide games betting organization. It started to include in sports sponsorship in 2010. This organization is among the first non-US online games wagering organizations working in the United States. It is additionally an individual from ESSA, which is the European wagering uprightness body.
39-Cloud wager
Cloud wager directs the wagering business through a chain of authorized shops that are situated in Ireland and the UK. It offers online games wagering, online club and poker, online bingo and numerous other web based games.
Once in the past known as Party Bets, is presently possessed by one of the biggest poker locales on the net, Party Poker. Authorized from both Gibraltar and UK, the site offers a wide scope of sports and great client care. To stall out in, the site gives a broad scope of games. Customers are very much provided food for, and every single significant game occasions are secured. Football is the most mainstream and secured sport by a wide margin, as the site is an European confronting bookmaker.
Sportspesa, a games news innovation, was established in 2014, offering web based games and lotteries. It is a games news innovation with around 500 workers and has put resources into the advancement of the nearby games groups and competitions in Tanzania and Kenya. It works in relationship with TGP in the UK.
Claimed by Logflex MT constrained, NOVIBET.com is a completely enlisted web based betting site. Playing with Novibet isn't simply fun however is sheltered and secure on the grounds that it holds licenses from MGA, which make the site obliged to keep all customers assets in trust accounts. The site offers a dependable gaming strategy and is focused on limiting the unfavorable impacts of issue betting and is resolved to advance positive betting practices.
Offering different sorts of bettings on numerous games from over the world, BETPAWA is the most present day and quick wagering site in Zambia. This site is a creative bookmaker that offers the most reduced value wagers. It leads a wide assortment of pre-coordinate and in-play wagers on football alongside different games like b-ball, tennis and so on. You can choose from an immense scope of wagers on the site and can likewise decide on live wagering.
As a piece of Fold gadgets gaming and distributing, MISLI was established in 2009. This site is situated in Istanbul. MISLI is a participation based site which offers online games wagering and lotteries. This site offers wagers on an assortment of games, particularly supporting soccer. It likewise gives the clients to play the national lottery. This site as of now utilizes 36 innovations. MISLI.com has been positioned 12,027 among the worldwide sites dependent on the huge number of its month to month guests surpassing 4,115,485.
45-Sky BET
Sky wagering and gaming, a British based Canadian organization, has offered a wagering division as Sky Bet. It possesses 1,628 representatives and is evaluated sixth among the ten highest contenders. This organization is the world's driving internet gaming and wagering organization which has the most noteworthy number of clients than any other person. Lion's share of the tasks of Sky Bet are led from Leeds. They offer to wager through their site, phone or portable applications and so forth. AGCC licenses the organization. Sky Bet likewise had a TV channel on Sky Channel 864 which quit working on February 2012.
46-Bet SAFE
With regards to online club and wagering, and Bet Safe is a rumored name. This website is a bookmaker and online gambling club which was established in 2006 and is possessed by a notable Swedish organization. 400 fifty thousand clients profit the ideas from 100 distinct nations around the globe. The dependability and unwavering quality of the site are apparent by the tremendous number of clients it possesses. Wager Safe is an easy to understand site offering an enormous assortment of games and items. It gives an astounding client assistance program and its simple to store and pull back cash. This site gives its clients the best web based gaming experience.
This site offer betting stage for Bitcoin and digital money was established in 2016. Wagers are offered day by day more than 1000 games. Live online club games and in excess of 3000 openings are likewise accessible. A selective element is that it gives its games too. All client accounts bolster numerous monetary forms, and it empowers the players to wager utilizing in excess of ten cryptographic forms of money. Clients are additionally offered an assortment of rewards. A 100% first store reward is the most extreme preferred position. A bug assists with multiplying and right away pull back the main store reserves. Client's perspectives recommend that their client care is dependable and accommodating. It is being seen as the best reserving site for crypto. It offers high chances to the players when contrasted with comparable sportsbooks.
48-Mozzart BET
Since 2000, Mozzart has been a specific piece of the gaming business. This organization offers around 10,000 chances day by day for around 500 games. As of late, Mozzart has led its ground activity with more than 900 retailer shops and has seen a high development rate in its online administrations. One ought to be over 18 to wager on the site Mozzartbet.com. BCLB has given the permit to the site. Live wagering on games is offered including football, ball, tennis and other critical occasions. You can observe live spilling of your preferred round and put down online wagers.
49-Boyle SPORT
Ireland biggest and free bookmaker is known as BoyleSports. They contribute in the online space by adding the top of the line applications to the google play store which offer web based wagering, club, gaming, wagering and lottery administrations. By 2004, they had 77 shops, and in 2006 they opened their 100th store.
In 2019, BetChris declared to enter the United Kingdom retail advertise with the popular bookmaker Gilbert. The organization's activity was extended in Northern Ireland which made the nation Ireland's biggest retail bookmaker.
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{Pre-Proposal} Decred India Community : New User Education, Content Distribution, Translations, PR & Social

{Pre-Proposal} Decred India Community : New User Education, Content Distribution, Translations, PR & Social

Decred India Community PRE-PROPOSAL

New User Education, Content + Translations, PR + Social
Project Summary
The Decred India Project is a new-user education & awareness campaign designed help Decred make rapid inroads in the Indian subcontinent and significantly expand Decred’s global footprint.

Through a powerful combination of High-Quality Video Content Creation, Social + PR and Regional Translations, we aim to seed a passionate group of early adopters in India who can in turn become Decred ambassadors.
India accounts for nearly 10% of the global crypto trading volume and consists of nearly 1/6th of the world’s population with fast rising mobile connectivity. India also receives the highest amount of remittances in the world ($80Bn) and has a massive pool of Remote Developers making India an ideal ground for innovation in crypto-use cases.

Additionally, India is on the cusp of announcing regulations for the crypto, which has the potential to increase trading volumes manifold.

Despite many such favourable macro-indicators, the Indian Subcontinent has largely been under the radar for most Blockchain projects. India has a growing community of blockchain Enthusiasts, Developers and Traders. Through this campaign, we hope to lay the foundation for a building a strong Decred Community in India and help Decred expand.

Project Motivation
Due an eclectic combination of economic factors & technology trends, the Indian Subcontinent (India+ Neighbouring Countries) holds immense promise for establishing genuine use cases for Decred.

Here are some interesting facts which make India an attractive market for Decred :

a) India is the World’s largest Remittance market ($80 Billion/Yr).
b) India has amongst the largest communities of Developers, receiving payments for their work through global remittance systems like SWIFT, Paypal and Western Union .
c) India has nearly 500 Million Mobile Users with access to 4G data plans starting at $2/Month.d) In 2016, a controversial fiscal reform demonetized 85% of the currency overnight. While this initially led to widespread panic, this reform gave a boost to digital payments in the country. Additionally, business relying on Digital payments Uber, Amazon & Paytm are scaling rapidly.
e) Indians cumulatively are the world’s largest holders of Gold. As crypto awareness rises across the world, it is possible that crypto starts making making a small dent in the “storage of value” market.
f) India is on the cusp of regulating the blockchain industry with the Supreme Court of India directing the Governments to frame rules for the regulation of the crypto industry. This can be a major step forward for the entire ecosystem.

A large number of users who will engage with our campaign will be learning about Blockchain technology for the first time, giving us the opportunity to capture mindspace early. While a small community of users in India have heard about Bitcoin, there is very little understanding of the governance issues that plague it. Our project in due course will also go on to highlight ways in which Decred is a much more robust technology thus deserving of consumer faith.

Project Details

This integrated community proposal has five major deliverables : Content+Translations, Content Distribution, Local PR and anActionable Report. Here are some more details about our proposed project.

a) Creating High-quality Video content about Decred

As part of this project, we will create 2 high quality Animated videos about Decred, targeted at first time users. All these videos will be also be made available in Hindi (330M Speakers) , Bengali (261M Speakers) besides English, making a total of 6 videos available to different segments of users.

VIDEO 1 : Explaining the basics of Blockchain technology to new users using Decred as an example.
VIDEO 2 : Introducing Decred to the audience in a simple and engaging manner.

Here is an example of some content we have created previously for the Dash Blockchain.

b) Multi Channel Digital Marketing efforts to reach out to a set of passionate early adopters
To ensure the content is widely seen, we will run a small marketing campaign on Youtube and Facebook to attract a set of early adopters and establish a strong social media presence across multiple languages across channels like Facebook & Twitter relevant to the Indian Subcontinent.

c) Interface with local vernacular media for traditional coverage
While global PR is great, the best way to reach audiences is to get coverage on media that the average user reads. We will be reaching to different publications in India and sharing details about the Decred India initiative and our developed content as is necessary.

d) Action Plan : Report
At the end of the project, the project will present the Decred Community with an actionable report on our work and ways to further scale up in the Indian Market. This report based on our experience in India will likely provides insights into marketing for developing countries.

The project cost is estimated at 300 DCMonth and will be executed over 3 months. Here is a brief breakdown of costs.
300 DCR x 3 Months
About Us

Blocknext is a boutique marketing focused firm passionate about promoting the use of Blockchain technology to new users. We specialize in Growth engineering and our team comprises of experienced marketers, developers and graphic designers.

Our Founder, Gaurav Gupta is a Marketing Technologist, specialising in making marketing more effective through Lean acquisition at scale, simplifying on-boarding processes, Funnel optimisation and Marketing automation.He has led marketing for internet businesses like :
Squads.Com(Amsterdam, Remote Top Talent Freelancing Teams)
Labster.Com (Swiss Education Virtual Reality Business, Raised $13M)
Bridallive.Com (Atlanta, #1 Solution for Bridal Shop Management).

He has worked with businesses in industries such as SAAS, Virtual Reality Education, Agile Software Development across China, India, US, Latin America, and the Netherlands.As a Marketing Technology Consultant for Philips (on contract through Squads.Com), Gaurav led an in-depth Market research and Analysis project for a consumer healthcare product in China.

He has worked with businesses in different sectors like SAAS, Virtual Reality Education across China, US, Australia, Netherlands and India.
He offers an alternate approach to marketing and usability for Technology Products, side-stepping the need for large marketing spends to increase product adoption.

This Project will begin on receiving the approval of the Decred Community and will be executed within the next 90 Days.
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WCX: can you help us spread the word in India?

WCX: can you help us spread the word in India?
हेलो इंडिया!
WCX is looking for people who can help spread the word about us in India.
We're the #1 trading platform to trade crypto, stocks, and forex directly with Bitcoin. We offer 100+ markets, 0 fees, and up to 300x leverage. Learn more on our homepage.
We launched in late 2018 and have been growing very rapidly since then. We recently surpassed over $5 billion in traded volume.
Think you can help us supercharge our growth in India? Read on!
  • a competitive base salary, paid monthly in BTC
  • $100 in BTC for every user you refer that places a trade
  • 25% commission share for any user you refer, forever
  • All your referrals get a 10% rebate for their first 6 months of trading
  • research and reach out to Hindi communities and crypto/trading influencers to introduce them to WCX
  • translate some of our English-based content from time to time (e.g. forum posts)
  • you can understand and communicate in English
Why work with WCX?
  • we're an established business - not a blow-in-the-wind, will-they-still-be-around-tomorrow ICO project
  • we're growing both in terms of real revenue and real users
  • we're compliant - our clients go through KYC and we work with blockchain-tracking services and regulators to ensure crypto AML standards are met
  • we're geeks - our team comes from Apple and has years of experience in building secure and scalable software
If you're interested in joining us, please reply in this thread or PM us with your info. You can also contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) directly.
आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद!
– The WCX Team
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[NP]General Knowledge questions from today's IIFT exam

  1. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) or Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is a trade agreement among twelve Pacific Rim countries, signed on 4 February 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand. Which of the following countries is not a member of TPP? a. Mexico b. United States c. Vietnam d. Indonesia
  2. Match each Brand with the most appropriate Industry Type it represents:
Brands Industry Type (a) Facebook (i) Financial Services (b) Louis Vuitton (ii) Business Sevices (c) VISA (iii) Technology (d) UPS (iv) Luxury (e) Accenture (v) Transport
a. (a)-iii, (b)-v, (c)-i , (d)-iv, (e)-ii b. (a)-iii, (b)-v, (c)-ii , (d)-iv, (e)-i c. (a)-iii, (b)-iv, (c)-i , (d)-v, (e)-ii d. (a)-ii, (b)-iv, (c)-v , (d)-iii, (e)-i
  1. Which of the following best represents the baking soda. a. Potassium Carbonate b. Sodium Chloride c. Potassium hydroxide d. Sodium Bicarbonate
  2. Which of the following country was not there in the UEFA Euro 2016 (sports tournament) quarter-final? a. Iceland b. Poland c. England d. Italy
  3. Alvin Toffler (October, 1928 – June, 2016) was an American writer and futurist, known for his works discussing modern technologies, including the digital revolution and the communication revolution, with emphasis on their effects on cultures worldwide. Toffler was an associate editor of Fortune magazine. Identify the book authored by Alvin Toffler from the following list a. Previews and Premises b. The fourth Protocol c. The End of Eternity d. The Time Machine
  4. Which of the following Indian States share border with multiple countries. a) Manipur b) Mizoram c) Tripura d) Bihar e) Sikkim f) West Bengal g) Assam a. (f), (e), (a) and (g) b. (b), (f), (g) and (e) c. (a), (f), (b) and (c) d. (f), (c), (e) and (a)
  5. General elections were held in Myanmar on 8th November 2015. This has been first openly-contested election held in the country since 1990. Which political party won the highest number of seats? a. National League for Democracy b. United Socialist Party c. Union Solidarity and Development Party d. National Peoples Party
  6. Sustainable Development Goals have replaced. a. Millennium Environment Goals b. Sustainable Environment Goals c. Millennium Development Goals d. Sustainable Triple Bottom line Goals
  7. Match the following Organizations with the location of its Headquarter.
Organization Headquarter (a) World bank (i) Brussels (b) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (ii) Washington (c) Amnesty International (iii) Frankfurt (d) Food and Agricultural Organization (iv) London (e) European Central Bank (v) Rome (f) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (vi) Paris
a. (a)-ii, (b)-i,(c)-v, (d)-iv, (e)-iii, (f)-vi b. (a)-vi, (b)-iii,(c)-iv, (d)-v, (e)-i, (f)-ii c. (a)-i, (b)-iii,(c)-v, (d)-iv, (e)-vi, (f)-ii d. (a)-ii, (b)-i,(c)-iv, (d)-v, (e)-iii, (f)-vi
  1. What was the theme of the 2016 National Youth Festival of India? a) Youth For Better India b) Celebrating Diversity in Unity c) India Youth for Skill, Development and Harmony d) Youths for Drug free world
11 Which Indian player has created junior world record in “Javelin throw” In July 2016? a. Neeraj Chopra b. Annu Rani c. Rajesh Bind d. Devendra Jhajharia
12 which global credit information company is associated with Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL)? a. Moody b. Standard and Poor c. American Express d. TransUnion
Questions no. 13
  1. What is the currency of Bulgaria? a. Lev b. Lira c. Lek d. Loto
  2. Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. Commissioned 2 units each of 14 Megawatt at the Salma Hydro Electric Project in 2016. Identify the country where this project is located. a. Nigeria b. Iran c. Turkmenistan d. Afghanistan
  3. “Satyameva Jayate” inscribed on one side of all Indian Currency, has been derived from which of the following ancient Indian scripture? a. Mundaka Upanishad b. Rigveda c. Ramayana d. None of these
  4. Which country inaugurated the first electric road in the world for hybrid heavy transport? a. Sweden b. Poland c. Iceland d. France
18 Panama canal expansion project is also referred to a. Dead Locks b. Third set of Locks c. New Horizon d. Cut across the Sea
  1. Which of the following has acquired Jabong in July 2016? a. Shopclues b. Snapdeal c. Amazon d. Myntra
  2. Match the movie personality on whose life it is based.
Movies Personalities (a) The Social Network (i) Aung San Suu Kyi (b) The Special Relationship (ii) Mark Zukerberg (c) The Lady (iii) Stephen Hawking (d) The Theory of Everything (iv) Tony Blair
a. a-iii, b-iv, c-i, d-ii b. a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-iii c. a-ii, b-i, c-iv, d-iii d. a-iv, b-iii, c-i, d-ii
  1. The 2016 Joint military Exercise “Maitree” has been conducted between India and which of the following countries? a. Indonesia b. Maldives c. Malaysia d. Thailand
  2. What is director identification number (DIN)? a. An identification number which the individual company allots to the internal director b. A number which the Central Government allots to any individual intending to be appointed as director or to any existing director of an company. c. A number which the SEBI allots to any individual intending to be appointed director or to any existing director of a company. d. A number which the Central Government allots to retired directors so as to enter in data base.
  3. Which of the following is not an elected post in India? a. President b. Prime Minister c. Governor d. Chief Minister
  4. Bitcoin is? a. A type of new coin introduced by USA b. A type of Digital currency that uses cryptography c. A type of currency used by Paytm. d. A type of commemorative coins issued by Mints.
  5. Match the Bollywood actors with their debut Hindi film:
Actors Films a. Shahrukh Khan (i) Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya b. Sushmita Sen (ii) Dastak c. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (iii) Refugee d. Rani Mukherjee (iv) Deewana e. Kareena Kapoor (v) Raja ki aayegi Baraat
a. a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-v, e-iii b. a-ii, b-iv, c-iii, d-v, e-i c. a-iv, b-v, c-iii, d-ii, e-i d. a-iv, b-ii, c-i, d-v, e-iii
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[NP] IIFT 2016 General Knowledge Questions Answers and Expected Cutoff

A shorter version (reduced by 94.0%) can be found on IndiaSpeaks.
This is an extended summary, original article can be found here

Extended Summary:

[NP] IIFT 2016 General Knowledge Questions Answers and Expected Cutoff.
IIFT 2016 exam was conducted today.
I will probably write a slightly more detailed post on it tomorrow.
Perhaps couple of populist questions on movies made it that way.
There was an obnoxiously long question (Q 13) where a brief biography of three people was given and you had to pick the three from the 9 available.
I believe the cutoff would definitely be higher than 0.
If you have done these, you will clear the cutoff.
The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) or Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is a trade agreement among twelve Pacific Rim countries, signed on 4 February 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.
Mexico b.
Indonesia Note: The countries involved are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, Vietnam 2.
Everyone would have done this pushing up the cutoff.
Potassium hydroxide d.
Iceland b..
Poland c.
Identify the book authored by Alvin Toffler from the following list a..
Previews and Premises b.
The Time Machine Note: This was hard.
(b), (f), (g) and (e) c.
(f), (c), (e) and (a) Note: An easy way to do this would have been to pick up the obvious choices.
If your Geography is really good, you would have known that the other two are Mizoram and Assam.
National League for Democracy b..
United Socialist Party c.
Match the following Organizations with the location of its Headquarter.
I had no idea.
Rajesh Bind d.
American Express d.
Also, if it was Moodys or S&P or American Express you would have known and remembered.
Lek d.
Turkmenistan d.
Should have been done.
Rigveda c.
None of these Note: One of those questions whether you know it or not.
Poland c.
Dead Locks b.
New Horizon d.
Amazon d.
Because of the options and matching.
Indonesia b..
Malaysia d.
What is director identification number (DIN)? a.
A number which the Central Government allots to any individual intending to be appointed as director or to any existing director of an company.
A number which the Central Government allots to retired directors so as to enter in data base.
Also, even with a little bit of common sense A and D can be eliminated because those would not form a standard practice.
President b..
Governor d.
I would be surprised if anyone got this wrong.
Bitcoin is? a.
A type of Digital currency that uses cryptography c.
A type of commemorative coins issued by Mints.
Match the Bollywood actors with their debut Hindi film: Note: Sitter.

Stats For Nerds:

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Summary Length 2605
Summary Ratio: 71.76
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Bitcoin Breakout As I Predicted !!! Bitcoin Trading Hindi !!! CoinSwitch : Indian Bitcoin Exchange Full Guide in Hindi ... Bitcoin Trading Strategy For Beginners in Hindi !!! How To Be Successful in BITCOIN Trading For Beginners in Hindi  How To Use Wazirx App In Hindi How to buy BITCOIN in INDIA  Just 5 Minutes In Hindi

The Supreme Court of India has struck down a ban on banks dealing with cryptocurrencies in India, paving the way for users to start trading with renewed vigour in cryptocurrencies. News.Bitcoin.com caught up with Wazirx’s CEO, Nischal Shetty, to find out more about this initiative. He explained: We’re supporting all the Indian languages. Every language in India is important and more languages means more crypto adoption. Some of the examples of Indian languages are Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali India’s crypto trading boom: 7 apps to buy, sell, store bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency trading in India has witnessed a massive spike after the Supreme Court lifted RBI’s The Bitcoin industry in India was once growing at a terrific rate as users were flocking to this digital currency to take advantage of its rapid price appreciation. Meanwhile, the demonetization of the Indian rupee by the country’s government a couple of years ago had led to an increase in demand for Bitcoin, but the sad news is that Indian cryptocurrency exchange Wazirx is offering rewards for videos about how to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in India in all Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi

[index] [410] [265] [278] [113] [526] [300] [274] [242] [258] [597]

Bitcoin Breakout As I Predicted !!! Bitcoin Trading Hindi !!!

Bitcoin Trading Strategy For Beginners in Hindi !!! Bitcoin trading in Hindi Bitcoin technical analysis in Hindi Bitcoin Price analysis Singup Links : 👇👇👇 Wa... BITCOIN में INVESTMENT करें या नहीं I Complete Analysis I Dr Vivek Bindra - Duration: 13:38. Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker 3,419,550 views DIGITAL KNOWLEDGE How To Be Successful in BITCOIN Trading in Hindi If you want to become a pro trader, here are some bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading tips you need to consider in order to be ... CoinSwitch : Indian Bitcoin Exchange Full Guide in Hindi Bitcoin Trading and Exchange BTC to INR App Download Link :- https://coinswitch.co/in/refer?tag=2h... #bitcoin #BitcoinAnalysis #BitcoinNews DISCLAIMER The Information provided on, from or through this channel is general in nature and is solely for educational purposes.