Bitcoin and Crypto Margin Trading Exchanges (UPDATED 2020)

Trading Bitcoin on margin is shitty - the swap is killing the profits

In recent days I have negative swap ("financing") on my short positions. On 1fox it's up to 0.3% per 12 hours.
On some platforms there is a 0.2% per 24 hours negative swap for long and for short positions (the broker is taking from both positions).
Sometimes the swap is paid by short positions, sometimes by long. There are months that overall swap is near zero, but some months longs or shorts pay more (double digit percent per month!).
This makes trading Bitcoin and other crypto on margin very shitty. When the market is clearly bullish long positions pay high swap that eats big chunk of the profits. In clearly bear market it is the opposite - short positions pay high swap.
Compare this with EUUSD swap rate (0.0025262% daily positive swap for short positions, 0.00715765% negative swap daily for long positions - the rates differ on different platforms, this is just an example).
I made some math with data from BitMex. For 14th, 15th and 16th June the swap is 0.7601% (shorts pay longs ) - it's about 0.25% per 24 hours. Compare this with EUUSD swap.
For last 100 periods (one period is 8 hours) the swap is 0.5743% (shorts pay longs). Which is not that bad. However, there are months when the swap is double digit percent.
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