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Bitcoin News Today 2020: India Alert! Trading Volume Up By 47% And Sign Ups 1,000%.
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Coinstats Crypto Prices and Portfolio Tracker

-Auto sync your exchanges and wallets -Personalized crypto news feed -More than 8000 cryptocurrencies and 300 exchanges available
Track cryptocurrency prices instantly with Coinstats, create watch lists and set price alerts. Get information about exchanges and follow the trading volumes. If you wish, you can bind your exchange accounts to Coinstats, keep track of your balance and perform your trading orders on Coinstats. Have the chance to use more features unlimitedly by purchasing PRO and PREMIUM membership. Coinstats must be used for those who trade and interest with cryptocurrencies.
Coinstats PRO
10 exchange connections 10 wallet connections Up to 1,000 transactions Coin Insights Unlimited access to CoinStats on iOS, Android and many other platforms
Coinstats PREMIUM
Unlimited exchange connections Unlimited wallet connections Up to 100,000 transactions Personal account manager Unlimited access to CoinStats on iOS, Android and many other platforms
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Author: Gamals Ahmed, CoinEx Business Ambassador



In this research report, we present a study on Kyber Network. Kyber Network is a decentralized, on-chain liquidity protocol designed to make trading tokens simple, efficient, robust and secure.
Kyber design allows any party to contribute to an aggregated pool of liquidity within each blockchain while providing a single endpoint for takers to execute trades using the best rates available. We envision a connected liquidity network that facilitates seamless, decentralized cross-chain token swaps across Kyber based networks on different chains.
Kyber is a fully on-chain liquidity protocol that enables decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies in any application. Liquidity providers (Reserves) are integrated into one single endpoint for takers and users. When a user requests a trade, the protocol will scan the entire network to find the reserve with the best price and take liquidity from that particular reserve.


DeFi applications all need access to good liquidity sources, which is a critical component to provide good services. Currently, decentralized liquidity is comprised of various sources including DEXes (Uniswap, OasisDEX, Bancor), decentralized funds and other financial apps. The more scattered the sources, the harder it becomes for anyone to either find the best rate for their trade or to even find enough liquidity for their need.
Kyber is a blockchain-based liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from a wide range of reserves, powering instant and secure token exchange in any decentralized application.
The protocol allows for a wide range of implementation possibilities for liquidity providers, allowing a wide range of entities to contribute liquidity, including end users, decentralized exchanges and other decentralized protocols. On the taker side, end users, cryptocurrency wallets, and smart contracts are able to perform instant and trustless token trades at the best rates available amongst the sources.
The Kyber Network is project based on the Ethereum protocol that seeks to completely decentralize the exchange of crypto currencies and make exchange trustless by keeping everything on the blockchain.
Through the Kyber Network, users should be able to instantly convert or exchange any crypto currency.


The Kyber Network is a decentralized way to exchange ETH and different ERC20 tokens instantly — no waiting and no registration needed.
Using this protocol, developers can build innovative payment flows and applications, including instant token swap services, ERC20 payments, and financial DApps — helping to build a world where any token is usable anywhere.
Kyber’s fully on-chain design allows for full transparency and verifiability in the matching engine, as well as seamless composability with DApps, not all of which are possible with off-chain or hybrid approaches. The integration of a large variety of liquidity providers also makes Kyber uniquely capable of supporting sophisticated schemes and catering to the needs of DeFi DApps and financial institutions. Hence, many developers leverage Kyber’s liquidity pool to build innovative financial applications, and not surprisingly, Kyber is the most used DeFi protocol in the world.
The Kyber Network is quite an established project that is trying to change the way we think of decentralised crypto currency exchange.
The Kyber Network has seen very rapid development. After being announced in May 2017 the testnet for the Kyber Network went live in August 2017. An ICO followed in September 2017, with the company raising 200,000 ETH valued at $60 million in just one day.
The live main net was released in February 2018 to whitelisted participants, and on March 19, 2018, the Kyber Network opened the main net as a public beta. Since then the network has seen increasing growth, with network volumes growing more than 500% in the first half of 2019.
Although there was a modest decrease in August 2019 that can be attributed to the price of ETH dropping by 50%, impacting the overall total volumes being traded and processed globally.
They are developing a decentralised exchange protocol that will allow developers to build payment flows and financial apps. This is indeed quite a competitive market as a number of other such protocols have been launched.
In Brief - Kyber Network is a tool that allows anyone to swap tokens instantly without having to use exchanges. - It allows vendors to accept different types of cryptocurrency while still being paid in their preferred crypto of choice. - It’s built primarily for Ethereum, but any smart-contract based blockchain can incorporate it.
At its core, Kyber is a decentralized way to exchange ETH and different ERC20 tokens instantly–no waiting and no registration needed. To do this Kyber uses a diverse set of liquidity pools, or pools of different crypto assets called “reserves” that any project can tap into or integrate with.
A typical use case would be if a vendor allowed customers to pay in whatever currency they wish, but receive the payment in their preferred token. Another example would be for Dapp users. At present, if you are not a token holder of a certain Dapp you can’t use it. With Kyber, you could use your existing tokens, instantly swap them for the Dapp specific token and away you go.
All this swapping happens directly on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning every transaction is completely transparent.


While crypto currencies were built to be decentralized, many of the exchanges for trading crypto currencies have become centralized affairs. This has led to security vulnerabilities, with many exchanges becoming the victims of hacking and theft.
It has also led to increased fees and costs, and the centralized exchanges often come with slow transfer times as well. In some cases, wallets have been locked and users are unable to withdraw their coins.
Decentralized exchanges have popped up recently to address the flaws in the centralized exchanges, but they have their own flaws, most notably a lack of liquidity, and often times high costs to modify trades in their on-chain order books.

Some of the Integrations with Kyber Protocol
The Kyber Network was formed to provide users with a decentralized exchange that keeps everything right on the blockchain, and uses a reserve system rather than an order book to provide high liquidity at all times. This will allow for the exchange and transfer of any cryptocurrency, even cross exchanges, and costs will be kept at a minimum as well.
The Kyber Network has three guiding design philosophies since the start:
  1. To be most useful the network needs to be platform-agnostic, which allows any protocol or application the ability to take advantage of the liquidity provided by the Kyber Network without any impact on innovation.
  2. The network was designed to make real-world commerce and decentralized financial products not only possible but also feasible. It does this by allowing for instant token exchange across a wide range of tokens, and without any settlement risk.
  3. The Kyber Network was created with ease of integration as a priority, which is why everything runs fully on-chain and fully transparent. Kyber is not only developer-friendly, but is also compatible with a wide variety of systems.


Kyber’s founders are Loi Luu, Victor Tran, Yaron Velner — CEO, CTO, and advisor to the Kyber Network.


Kyber’s mission has always been to integrate with other protocols so they’ve focused on being developer-friendly by providing architecture to allow anyone to incorporate the technology onto any smart-contract powered blockchain. As a result, a variety of different dapps, vendors, and wallets use Kyber’s infrastructure including Set Protocol, bZx, InstaDApp, and Coinbase wallet.
Besides, dapps, vendors, and wallets, Kyber also integrates with other exchanges such as Uniswap — sharing liquidity pools between the two protocols.
A typical use case would be if a vendor allowed customers to pay in whatever currency they wish, but receive the payment in their preferred token. Another example would be for Dapp users. At present, if you are not a token holder of a certain Dapp you can’t use it. With Kyber, you could use your existing tokens, instantly swap them for the Dapp specific token and away you go.
Limit orders on Kyber allow users to set a specific price in which they would like to exchange a token instead of accepting whatever price currently exists at the time of trading. However, unlike with other exchanges, users never lose custody of their crypto assets during limit orders on Kyber.
The Kyber protocol works by using pools of crypto funds called “reserves”, which currently support over 70 different ERC20 tokens. Reserves are essentially smart contracts with a pool of funds. Different parties with different prices and levels of funding control all reserves. Instead of using order books to match buyers and sellers to return the best price, the Kyber protocol looks at all the reserves and returns the best price among the different reserves. Reserves make money on the “spread” or differences between the buying and selling prices. The Kyber wants any token holder to easily convert one token to another with a minimum of fuss.


The protocol smart contracts offer a single interface for the best available token exchange rates to be taken from an aggregated liquidity pool across diverse sources. ● Aggregated liquidity pool. The protocol aggregates various liquidity sources into one liquidity pool, making it easy for takers to find the best rates offered with one function call. ● Diverse sources of liquidity. The protocol allows different types of liquidity sources to be plugged into. Liquidity providers may employ different strategies and different implementations to contribute liquidity to the protocol. ● Permissionless. The protocol is designed to be permissionless where any developer can set up various types of reserves, and any end user can contribute liquidity. Implementations need to take into consideration various security vectors, such as reserve spamming, but can be mitigated through a staking mechanism. We can expect implementations to be permissioned initially until the maintainers are confident about these considerations.
The core feature that the Kyber protocol facilitates is the token swap between taker and liquidity sources. The protocol aims to provide the following properties for token trades: ● Instant Settlement. Takers do not have to wait for their orders to be fulfilled, since trade matching and settlement occurs in a single blockchain transaction. This enables trades to be part of a series of actions happening in a single smart contract function. ● Atomicity. When takers make a trade request, their trade either gets fully executed, or is reverted. This “all or nothing” aspect means that takers are not exposed to the risk of partial trade execution. ● Public rate verification. Anyone can verify the rates that are being offered by reserves and have their trades instantly settled just by querying from the smart contracts. ● Ease of integration. Trustless and atomic token trades can be directly and easily integrated into other smart contracts, thereby enabling multiple trades to be performed in a smart contract function.
How each actor works is specified in Section Network Actors. 1. Takers refer to anyone who can directly call the smart contract functions to trade tokens, such as end-users, DApps, and wallets. 2. Reserves refer to anyone who wishes to provide liquidity. They have to implement the smart contract functions defined in the reserve interface in order to be registered and have their token pairs listed. 3. Registered reserves refer to those that will be cycled through for matching taker requests. 4. Maintainers refer to anyone who has permission to access the functions for the adding/removing of reserves and token pairs, such as a DAO or the team behind the protocol implementation. 5. In all, they comprise of the network, which refers to all the actors involved in any given implementation of the protocol.
The protocol implementation needs to have the following: 1. Functions for takers to check rates and execute the trades 2. Functions for the maintainers to registeremove reserves and token pairs 3. Reserve interface that defines the functions reserves needs to implement


Kyber Core smart contracts is an implementation of the protocol that has major protocol functions to allow actors to join and interact with the network. For example, the Kyber Core smart contracts provide functions for the listing and delisting of reserves and trading pairs by having clear interfaces for the reserves to comply to be able to register to the network and adding support for new trading pairs. In addition, the Kyber Core smart contracts also provide a function for takers to query the best rate among all the registered reserves, and perform the trades with the corresponding rate and reserve. A trading pair consists of a quote token and any other token that the reserve wishes to support. The quote token is the token that is either traded from or to for all trades. For example, the Ethereum implementation of the Kyber protocol uses Ether as the quote token.
In order to search for the best rate, all reserves supporting the requested token pair will be iterated through. Hence, the Kyber Core smart contracts need to have this search algorithm implemented.
The key functions implemented in the Kyber Core Smart Contracts are listed in Figure 2 below. We will visit and explain the implementation details and security considerations of each function in the Specification Section.


Kyber is the liquidity infrastructure for decentralized finance. Kyber aggregates liquidity from diverse sources into a pool, which provides the best rates for takers such as DApps, Wallets, DEXs, and End users.


Anyone can operate a Kyber Reserve to market make for profit and make their tokens available for DApps in the ecosystem. Through an open reserve architecture, individuals, token teams and professional market makers can contribute token assets to Kyber’s liquidity pool and earn from the spread in every trade. These tokens become available at the best rates across DApps that tap into the network, making them instantly more liquid and useful.
MAIN RESERVE TYPES Kyber currently has over 45 reserves in its network providing liquidity. There are 3 main types of reserves that allow different liquidity contribution options to suit the unique needs of different providers. 1. Automated Price Reserves (APR) — Allows token teams and users with large token holdings to have an automated yet customized pricing system with low maintenance costs. Synthetix and Melon are examples of teams that run APRs. 2. Fed Price Reserves (FPR) — Operated by professional market makers that require custom and advanced pricing strategies tailored to their specific needs. Kyber alongside reserves such as OneBit, runs FPRs. 3. Bridge Reserves (BR) — These are specialized reserves meant to bring liquidity from other on-chain liquidity providers like Uniswap, Oasis, DutchX, and Bancor into the network.


There Kyber Network functions through coordination between several different roles and functions as explained below: - Users — This entity uses the Kyber Network to send and receive tokens. A user can be an individual, a merchant, and even a smart contract account. - Reserve Entities — This role is used to add liquidity to the platform through the dynamic reserve pool. Some reserve entities are internal to the Kyber Network, but others may be registered third parties. Reserve entities may be public if the public contributes to the reserves they hold, otherwise they are considered private. By allowing third parties as reserve entities the network adds diversity, which prevents monopolization and keeps exchange rates competitive. Allowing third party reserve entities also allows for the listing of less popular coins with lower volumes. - Reserve Contributors — Where reserve entities are classified as public, the reserve contributor is the entity providing reserve funds. Their incentive for doing so is a profit share from the reserve. - The Reserve Manager — Maintains the reserve, calculates exchange rates and enters them into the network. The reserve manager profits from exchange spreads set by them on their reserves. They can also benefit from increasing volume by accessing the entire Kyber Network. - The Kyber Network Operator — Currently the Kyber Network team is filling the role of the network operator, which has a function to adds/remove Reserve Entities as well as controlling the listing of tokens. Eventually, this role will revert to a proper decentralized governance.


A basic token trade is one that has the quote token as either the source or destination token of the trade request. The execution flow of a basic token trade is depicted in the diagram below, where a taker would like to exchange BAT tokens for ETH as an example. The trade happens in a single blockchain transaction. 1. Taker sends 1 ETH to the protocol contract, and would like to receive BAT in return. 2. Protocol contract queries the first reserve for its ETH to BAT exchange rate. 3. Reserve 1 offers an exchange rate of 1 ETH for 800 BAT. 4. Protocol contract queries the second reserve for its ETH to BAT exchange rate. 5. Reserve 2 offers an exchange rate of 1 ETH for 820 BAT. 6. This process goes on for the other reserves. After the iteration, reserve 2 is discovered to have offered the best ETH to BAT exchange rate. 7. Protocol contract sends 1 ETH to reserve 2. 8. The reserve sends 820 BAT to the taker.


A token-to-token trade is one where the quote token is neither the source nor the destination token of the trade request. The exchange flow of a token to token trade is depicted in the diagram below, where a taker would like to exchange BAT tokens for DAI as an example. The trade happens in a single blockchain transaction. 1. Taker sends 50 BAT to the protocol contract, and would like to receive DAI in return. 2. Protocol contract sends 50 BAT to the reserve offering the best BAT to ETH rate. 3. Protocol contract receives 1 ETH in return. 4. Protocol contract sends 1 ETH to the reserve offering the best ETH to DAI rate. 5. Protocol contract receives 30 DAI in return. 6. Protocol contract sends 30 DAI to the user.


Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is an ERC-20 utility token and an integral part of Kyber Network.
KNC is the first deflationary staking token where staking rewards and token burns are generated from actual network usage and growth in DeFi.
The Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is the backbone of the Kyber Network. It works to connect liquidity providers and those who need liquidity and serves three distinct purposes. The first of these is to collect transaction fees, and a portion of every fee collected is burned, which keeps KNC deflationary. Kyber Network Crystals (KNC), are named after the crystals in Star Wars used to power light sabers.
The KNC also ensures the smooth operation of the reserve system in the Kyber liquidity since entities must use third-party tokens to buy the KNC that pays for their operations in the network.
KNC allows token holders to play a critical role in determining the incentive system, building a wide base of stakeholders, and facilitating economic flow in the network. A small fee is charged each time a token exchange happens on the network, and KNC holders get to vote on this fee model and distribution, as well as other important decisions. Over time, as more trades are executed, additional fees will be generated for staking rewards and reserve rebates, while more KNC will be burned. - Participation rewards — KNC holders can stake KNC in the KyberDAO and vote on key parameters. Voters will earn staking rewards (in ETH) - Burning — Some of the network fees will be burned to reduce KNC supply permanently, providing long-term value accrual from decreasing supply. - Reserve incentives — KNC holders determine the portion of network fees that are used as rebates for selected liquidity providers (reserves) based on their volume performance.

Finally, the KNC token is the connection between the Kyber Network and the exchanges, wallets, and dApps that leverage the liquidity network. This is a virtuous system since entities are rewarded with referral fees for directing more users to the Kyber Network, which helps increase adoption for Kyber and for the entities using the Network.
And of course there will soon be a fourth and fifth uses for the KNC, which will be as a staking token used to generate passive income, as well as a governance token used to vote on key parameters of the network.
The Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) was released in a September 2017 ICO at a price around $1. There were 226,000,000 KNC minted for the ICO, with 61% sold to the public. The remaining 39% are controlled 50/50 by the company and the founders/advisors, with a 1 year lockup period and 2 year vesting period.
Currently, just over 180 million coins are in circulation, and the total supply has been reduced to 210.94 million after the company burned 1 millionth KNC token in May 2019 and then its second millionth KNC token just three months later.
That means that while it took 15 months to burn the first million KNC, it took just 10 weeks to burn the second million KNC. That shows how rapidly adoption has been growing recently for Kyber, with July 2019 USD trading volumes on the Kyber Network nearly reaching $60 million. This volume has continued growing, and on march 13, 2020 the network experienced its highest daily trading activity of $33.7 million in a 24-hour period.
Currently KNC is required by Reserve Managers to operate on the network, which ensures a minimum amount of demand for the token. Combined with future plans for burning coins, price is expected to maintain an upward bias, although it has suffered along with the broader market in 2018 and more recently during the summer of 2019.
It was unfortunate in 2020 that a beginning rally was cut short by the coronavirus pandemic, although the token has stabilized as of April 2020, and there are hopes the rally could resume in the summer of 2020.


The native token of Kyber is called Kyber Network Crystals (KNC). All reserves are required to pay fees in KNC for the right to manage reserves. The KNC collected as fees are either burned and taken out of the total supply or awarded to integrated dapps as an incentive to help them grow.


Kyber Swap can be used to buy ETH directly using a credit card, which can then be used to swap for KNC. Besides Kyber itself, exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and OKex trade KNC.


The most direct and basic function of Kyber is for instantly swapping tokens without registering an account, which anyone can do using an Etheruem wallet such as MetaMask. Users can also create their own reserves and contribute funds to a reserve, but that process is still fairly technical one–something Kyber is working on making easier for users in the future.


The goal of Kyber in the coming years is to solidify its position as a one-stop solution for powering liquidity and token swapping on Ethereum. Kyber plans on a major protocol upgrade called Katalyst, which will create new incentives and growth opportunities for all stakeholders in their ecosystem, especially KNC holders. The upgrade will mean more use cases for KNC including to use KNC to vote on governance decisions through a decentralized organization (DAO) called the KyberDAO.
With our upcoming Katalyst protocol upgrade and new KNC model, Kyber will provide even more benefits for stakeholders. For instance, reserves will no longer need to hold a KNC balance for fees, removing a major friction point, and there will be rebates for top performing reserves. KNC holders can also stake their KNC to participate in governance and receive rewards.


Those interested in buying KNC tokens can do so at a number of exchanges. Perhaps your best bet between the complete list is the likes of Coinbase Pro and Binance. The former is based in the USA whereas the latter is an offshore exchange.
The trading volume is well spread out at these exchanges, which means that the liquidity is not concentrated and dependent on any one exchange. You also have decent liquidity on each of the exchange books. For example, the Binance BTC / KNC books are wide and there is decent turnover. This means easier order execution.
KNC is an ERC20 token and can be stored in any wallet with ERC20 support, such as MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. One interesting alternative is the KyberSwap Android mobile app that was released in August 2019.
It allows for instant swapping of tokens and has support for over 70 different altcoins. It also allows users to set price alerts and limit orders and works as a full-featured Ethereum wallet.


Kyber has announced their intention to become the de facto liquidity layer for the Decentralized Finance space, aiming to have Kyber as the single on-chain endpoint used by the majority of liquidity providers and dApp developers. In order to achieve this goal the Kyber Network team is looking to create an open ecosystem that garners trust from the decentralized finance space. They believe this is the path that will lead the majority of projects, developers, and users to choose Kyber for liquidity needs. With that in mind they have recently announced the launch of a protocol upgrade to Kyber which is being called Katalyst.
The Katalyst upgrade will create a stronger ecosystem by creating strong alignments towards a common goal, while also strengthening the incentives for stakeholders to participate in the ecosystem.
The primary beneficiaries of the Katalyst upgrade will be the three major Kyber stakeholders: 1. Reserve managers who provide network liquidity; 2. dApps that connect takers to Kyber; 3. KNC holders.
These stakeholders can expect to see benefits as highlighted below: Reserve Managers will see two new benefits to providing liquidity for the network. The first of these benefits will be incentives for providing reserves. Once Katalyst is implemented part of the fees collected will go to the reserve managers as an incentive for providing liquidity.
This mechanism is similar to rebates in traditional finance, and is expected to drive the creation of additional reserves and market making, which in turn will lead to greater liquidity and platform reach.
Katalyst will also do away with the need for reserve managers to maintain a KNC balance for use as network fees. Instead fees will be automatically collected and used as incentives or burned as appropriate. This should remove a great deal of friction for reserves to connect with Kyber without affecting the competitive exchange rates that takers in the system enjoy. dApp Integrators will now be able to set their own spread, which will give them full control over their own business model. This means the current fee sharing program that shares 30% of the 0.25% fee with dApp developers will go away and developers will determine their own spread. It’s believed this will increase dApp development within Kyber as developers will now be in control of fees.
KNC Holders, often thought of as the core of the Kyber Network, will be able to take advantage of a new staking mechanism that will allow them to receive a portion of network fees by staking their KNC and participating in the KyberDAO.


With the implementation of the Katalyst protocol the KNC holders will be put right at the heart of Kyber. Holders of KNC tokens will now have a critical role to play in determining the future economic flow of the network, including its incentive systems.
The primary way this will be achieved is through KyberDAO, a way in which on-chain and off-chain governance will align to streamline cooperation between the Kyber team, KNC holders, and market participants.
The Kyber Network team has identified 3 key areas of consideration for the KyberDAO: 1. Broad representation, transparent governance and network stability 2. Strong incentives for KNC holders to maintain their stake and be highly involved in governance 3. Maximizing participation with a wide range of options for voting delegation
Interaction between KNC Holders & Kyber
This means KNC holders have been empowered to determine the network fee and how to allocate the fees to ensure maximum network growth. KNC holders will now have three fee allocation options to vote on: - Voting Rewards: Immediate value creation. Holders who stake and participate in the KyberDAO get their share of the fees designated for rewards. - Burning: Long term value accrual. The decreasing supply of KNC will improve the token appreciation over time and benefit those who did not participate. - Reserve Incentives:Value creation via network growth. By rewarding Kyber reserve managers based on their performance, it helps to drive greater volume, value, and network fees.


The design of the KyberDAO is meant to allow for the greatest network stability, as well as maximum transparency and the ability to quickly recover in emergency situations. Initally the Kyber team will remain as maintainers of the KyberDAO. The system is being developed to be as verifiable as possible, while still maintaining maximum transparency regarding the role of the maintainer in the DAO.
Part of this transparency means that all data and processes are stored on-chain if feasible. Voting regarding network fees and allocations will be done on-chain and will be immutable. In situations where on-chain storage or execution is not feasible there will be a set of off-chain governance processes developed to ensure all decisions are followed through on.


Staking will be a new addition and both staking and voting will be done in fixed periods of times called “epochs”. These epochs will be measured in Ethereum block times, and each KyberDAO epoch will last roughly 2 weeks.
This is a relatively rapid epoch and it is beneficial in that it gives more rapid DAO conclusion and decision-making, while also conferring faster reward distribution. On the downside it means there needs to be a new voting campaign every two weeks, which requires more frequent participation from KNC stakeholders, as well as more work from the Kyber team.
Delegation will be part of the protocol, allowing stakers to delegate their voting rights to third-party pools or other entities. The pools receiving the delegation rights will be free to determine their own fee structure and voting decisions. Because the pools will share in rewards, and because their voting decisions will be clearly visible on-chain, it is expected that they will continue to work to the benefit of the network.


After the September 2017 ICO, KNC settled into a trading price that hovered around $1.00 (decreasing in BTC value) until December. The token has followed the trend of most other altcoins — rising in price through December and sharply declining toward the beginning of January 2018.
The KNC price fell throughout all of 2018 with one exception during April. From April 6th to April 28th, the price rose over 200 percent. This run-up coincided with a blog post outlining plans to bring Bitcoin to the Ethereum blockchain. Since then, however, the price has steadily fallen, currently resting on what looks like a $0.15 (~0.000045 BTC) floor.
With the number of partners using the Kyber Network, the price may rise as they begin to fully use the network. The development team has consistently hit the milestones they’ve set out to achieve, so make note of any release announcements on the horizon.


The 0x project is the biggest competitor to Kyber Network. Both teams are attempting to enter the decentralized exchange market. The primary difference between the two is that Kyber performs the entire exchange process on-chain while 0x keeps the order book and matching off-chain.
As a crypto swap exchange, the platform also competes with ShapeShift and Changelly.


• June 2020: Digifox, an all-in-one finance application by popular crypto trader and Youtuber Nicholas Merten a.k.a DataDash (340K subs), integrated Kyber to enable users to easily swap between cryptocurrencies without having to leave the application. • June 2020: Stake Capital partnered with Kyber to provide convenient KNC staking and delegation services, and also took a KNC position to participate in governance. • June 2020: Outlined the benefits of the Fed Price Reserve (FPR) for professional market makers and advanced developers. • May 2020: Kyber crossed US$1 Billion in total trading volume and 1 Million transactions, performed entirely on-chain on Ethereum. • May 2020: StakeWith.Us partnered Kyber Network as a KyberDAO Pool Master. • May 2020: 2Key, a popular blockchain referral solution using smart links, integrated Kyber’s on-chain liquidity protocol for seamless token swaps • May 2020: Blockchain game League of Kingdoms integrated Kyber to accept Token Payments for Land NFTs. • May 2020: Joined the Zcash Developer Alliance , an invite-only working group to advance Zcash development and interoperability. • May 2020: Joined the Chicago DeFi Alliance to help accelerate on-chain market making for professionals and developers. • March 2020: Set a new record of USD $33.7M in 24H fully on-chain trading volume, and $190M in 30 day on-chain trading volume. • March 2020: Integrated by Rarible, Bullionix, and Unstoppable Domains, with the KyberWidget deployed on IPFS, which allows anyone to swap tokens through Kyber without being blocked. • February 2020: Popular Ethereum blockchain game Axie Infinity integrated Kyber to accept ERC20 payments for NFT game items. • February 2020: Kyber’s protocol was integrated by Gelato Finance, Idle Finance, rTrees, Sablier, and 0x API for their liquidity needs. • January 2020: Kyber Network was found to be the most used protocol in the whole decentralized finance (DeFi) space in 2019, according to a DeFi research report by Binance. • December 2019: Switcheo integrated Kyber’s protocol for enhanced liquidity on their own DEX. • December 2019: DeFi Wallet Eidoo integrated Kyber for seamless in-wallet token swaps. • December 2019: Announced the development of the Katalyst Protocol Upgrade and new KNC token model. • July 2019: Developed the Waterloo Bridge , a Decentralized Practical Cross-chain Bridge between EOS and Ethereum, successfully demonstrating a token swap between Ethereum to EOS. • July 2019: Trust Wallet, the official Binance wallet, integrated Kyber as part of its decentralized token exchange service, allowing even more seamless in-wallet token swaps for thousands of users around the world. • May 2019: HTC, the large consumer electronics company with more than 20 years of innovation, integrated Kyber into its Zion Vault Wallet on EXODUS 1 , the first native web 3.0 blockchain phone, allowing users to easily swap between cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner without leaving the wallet. • January 2019: Introduced the Automated Price Reserve (APR) , a capital efficient way for token teams and individuals to market make with low slippage. • January 2019: The popular Enjin Wallet, a default blockchain DApp on the Samsung S10 and S20 mobile phones, integrated Kyber to enable in-wallet token swaps. • October 2018: Kyber was a founding member of the WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) Initiative and DAO. • October 2018: Developed the KyberWidget for ERC20 token swaps on any website, with CoinGecko being the first major project to use it on their popular site.

Full Article

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Binance scammed me 1516 USDT with unethical verification requests! Stay Away from this Scam Exchance!

Binance scammed me 1516 USDT with unethical verification requests! Stay Away from this Scam Exchance!
I woud like here to point how BINANCE scammed me 1516 USD with some bullshit and unethical requests.
What happened?
On 2019-12-20 I registered a binance account. I choosed to not verify my account as the limits of 2 BTC were more than enough for me!
I deposited same day 0.21 BTC and sold it for USDT.
Since I didn't use my account. On March 30 I logged in from a new computer. The system sent me an email to authorize the new device. This was done successfully.
Later I tried to withdraw around 700 USD worth of BTC. The request was cancelled an the sytem asked me to verify my identiy. What???? What's the purpose of using unverified account????? So whenever I change my machine and login, I will have to submit my documents??
Meanwhile I had some discussion with live support, who tried to help. Finally, I have been told that I have no other choice than doing the full verification. I decided then to do the verification which was done finally successfully.
You can see here:


I spoke again with the support, they told me that I can try again, now that I'm fully verified, I can withdraw my funds.

So I tried again to withdraw some BTC, first the status for "Waiting for approval" then later it changed "Rejected" with the info "Withdraw rejected. Risk control". What???
I contacted again the support and I have been told that I will receive an email from Binance within few hours.
Almost 20hrs passed, nothing from Binance. So I opened a Ticket.
u/ilir_binance 2821529 # is Ticket number for reference! Ticket was opened on 03/31/2020 (12 days ago by the time of writing this post).
Next day I received an answer from Binance support. And look what these people are asking me:
Dear user,
Thanks for reaching out,
We apologize for the delay in response due to the high volume of requests. As per checking, we found that the withdraw function was suspended due to the withdrawal risk control. We are willing to help you resume the withdrawal of your account. However, we may need some information to make progress.
Security questions:
  1. Account registration date
  2. Account registration IP
  3. Device information
So far this is not a problem to provide. I already provided this.
Furthermore, they asked me to record a video :
A video of the first deposit you made to your Binance account. The video would contain the login process (do NOT show password) of the platform/wallet where you made this transaction to your Binance account, find the transaction and show us the full TxID, date and amount information.
Seriously?????? These were parts of my answer to them, same day:
Hello guys,
Thank you for your reply, but I'm sorry to say that what you are asking is absolutely unethical, but it's okay. Your Kingdom, Your rules. I'm happy to solve this issue, take out my money out and never use again your terrible exchange.
  1. You wrote:
", please provide your withdrawal records and communication records with Binance CS"
Where the hell should I get communication records?? I had some chat with your support when my account got locked.
But where the hell should I get these communications?? Are you kidding me?
You asked for my withdrawal records? Which ones??? One was rejected, the other was cancelled.
So there was no withdrawal so far. So why are you asking something that does not exist??
  1. And finally you wrote:
"A video of the first deposit you made to your Binance account. The video would contain the login process (do NOT show password) of the platform/wallet where you made this transaction to your Binance account, find the transaction and show us the full TxID, date and amount information. "
My account was opened on the 20th December 2019!
I made my first deposit on the same day, 0.21.. BTC.
This has been now now more than 4 months!!!! How should I remember now which wallet I used by that time and what Transaction ID?
Are you kidding me??????
It was not a platform, I remember I used a wallet, but I dont remember which one anymore. I checked all my current wallets and I couldn't find this transaction.
It was this transaction based on my deposit history:https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/....

So they basically are asking me things that they know I can't provide and so would get a way to keep my money.

I asked them if it will be enough to provide anything else and close this case.
I will request then to withdraw all my coins and after that I will request you to close my account.
I will never use again your service.
I look forward to reading you soon, as we can close this case.

Since there have been no answer from their support! I sent few email to remind them, there was simply no answer!
So this was my last email to them, 5 days ago:

Still today, I didn't get any answer.
I want to let everyone know about this. If this company is not a scam, I'm asking them to let me withdraw my money simply.

Bitcoin BinanceExchange CryptoCurrency CryptoCurrencyTrading CryptoScam CryptoScamAlert CryptoScamsVictims
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Filecoin x OKEx Trading Contest - 50,000 USDT PRIZE POOL WAITINF FOR YOU 🔥

Filecoin x OKEx Airdrop is worth 30 USDT. There is a prize pool of 50,000 USDT. Invite friends to earn more USDT!
About OKEx and Filecoin
OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to traders globally by using blockchain technology. OKEx has been a market leader in the blockchain and crypto industry in terms of trading volume, serving countries, and user base. With users from over 100 countries, OKEx offers the most complete product suite in the industry, ranging from spot trading, margin trading, C2C trading, as well as crypto derivatives, helping traders, miners, and institutional investors optimize their investment strategies.
Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that turns cloud storage into an algorithmic market. The market runs on a blockchain with a native protocol token which miners earn by providing

Claim your USDT on AirdropAlert: https://airdropalert.com/filecoin-okex-airdrop
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Round up of Cryptocurrency News #3 Week 20/07 - 26/07

Pssst! Hey you. Scroll down for commentary!
Special Mentions:
You haven't had enough news? Here is some more:
You made it! :)
First up, SORRY! This has been a late post, I have my reasons don't question them (if you must know I'll be posting in the discord - one time only haha). Secondly, I am sure you can agree with me when I say "Wow!" What an incredible week it has been. Last week I thought it was going to take a couple more weeks for more moving price action when it had only taken a few days which has seen Bitcoin reach and pass the $10,000 region. We have also seen the total Market cap for cryptocurrencies increase from about 280B to over 300B (308B at time of writing) within just a few days. A huge injection of liquidity, about 40B, into the market and just to name a few of the best rises in the top 20 (on Coinmarketcap.com), the price of ETH BTC ADA have given good performances/positive responses (With this I will start adding screenshots at the end of each week for timestamp purposes).
This may be a combination from Binance, Mastercard, Paypal, Grayscale investments, VISA AND the DEFI sector. Let me explain... Last week we read about Binance integrating with the company Swipe (SXP) to issue there own debit card expanding the use and reach of cryptocurrency to 31 countries within Europe. Binance's Q2 scheduled token burn of $60.5 Million, this figure correlates with its exchange, margin and futures trading platforms where approximately 20% of profits get burned to increase the price of BNB token (careful as the price has been steady after the burn).
This week we find out Mastercard's expansion into the Cryptosphere as they expand and integrate with the Wirex team to issue a Mastercard-backed Bitcoin debit card, thus further extending the reach of cryptocurrency availability internationally.
"The cryptocurrency market continues to mature and Mastercard is driving it forward, creating safe and secure experiences for consumers and businesses in today’s digital economy " "...Our work with Wirex and the wider crypto ecosystem is accelerating innovation and empowering consumers with more choice in the way they pay"
Mastercard is also reaching out to other emerging cryptocurrency firms to apply to become principal members [Partners] with Mastercard as they have relaxed their digital assets program and look to expand into the Digital Assets and Blockchain environment.
Paypals expression of interest in cryptocurrency facilitiation may bear fruits as it is said Paypal has partnered up with stablecoin operator Paxos (who is already in partnership with Revolut in the US) to facilitate trading through a cryptocurrency brokerage which will enable other firms to integrate cryptocurrency trading functionalities with them. In my opinion this looks much more promising than the Libra association they pulled out from last October as regulations.
Grayscale Investments clears regulatory hurdle as they have been given the green light for its Bitcoin Cash Trust (BCHG) and Litecoin Trust (LTCN) to be quoted in over-the-counter (OTC) markets by US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
“The Trusts are open-ended trusts sponsored by Grayscale and are intended to enable exposure to the price movement of the Trusts’ underlying assets through a traditional investment vehicle, avoiding the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping digital Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin directly.”
More green lights for Cryptocurrency in the US as regulators allow banks to provide cryptocurrency custody services (which may go further than just custody services). A little bit strange as it seems unnecessary and undermines one of the key factors and uses of cryptocurrency which is to be in complete control of your own finances... On another outlook this may be bullish as it allows US banks to provide banking services directly to lawful cryptocurrency businesses and show support for Bitcoin.
Visa shows support stating they have a roadmap for their further expansion into the Crypto sphere. Already working with Crypto platform Coinbase and Fold they have stated they recognise the role of digital assets in the future of money. To be frank, it appears to be focused on stable coins, cost effectiveness and transaction speeds. However they are expanding their support for crypto assets.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, DeFI! Our very own growing section in crypto. Just like the 2017 ICO boom we are seeing exorbitant growth and FOMO into the Decentralised Finance sector (WBTC, Stablecoins, Yield farming, DEXs etc). The amount of active addresses on Ethereum has doubled but with the FOMO on their network have sky rocketed their fees! Large use-cases of stable coins such as USDT ($6B in circulation using ERC-20 standard), DAI, TUSD, and PAX. $114M Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) on their network acts as a fluid side chain for Bitcoin and DEX trade volume has touched $1.6B this month. With all this action happening on Ethereum I saw the 24HR volume surpass BTC briefly on Worldcoinindex.com
In other news, Bitcoin has been set as a new precedent in a US federal court in a case against Larry Dean Harmon, the operator of an underground trading platform Helix. Bitcoin has now legally been ruled as a form of money.
“After examination of the relevant statutes, case law, and other sources, the Court concludes that bitcoin is money under the MTA and that Helix, as described in the indictment, was an `unlicensed money transmitting business´ under applicable federal law.”
Quick news in China/Asia as floods threaten miners and the most dominant ASIC Bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Bitmain loses 10,000 Antminers worth millions alledgedly goes missing or "illegally transfered" with ongoing leadership dispute between cofounders.
Last but not least, Cardano (ADA) upgrade Shelley is ready to launch! Hardfork is initiated as final countdown clock is switched on. At time of writing the point of no return has been reached, stress tests done and confirmation Hardfork is coming 29/07 The Shelley Mainnet upgrade is a step toward fast, capable and decentralised crypto that can serve billions of people. With the Shelley Mainnet is ADA staking rewards and pools! Here is a chance for us Gravychainers to set up a small pool of our own. Small percentage of profits going into the development of the community, and you keep the rest!
If you read all of my ramblings thanks heaps! I appreciate it! I have added an extra piece of reading called speculation. Most you can speculate on by just reading the headline some others have more depth to them.
Another post next week for a weekly round up! Where do you think the market is going? What is in your portfolio? Let us know in the Gravychain Discord Channel
See you soon!
🍕 Bring some virtual pizza to share 🍕
Come have a chat, stimulate a discussion, ask a question or share some knowledge. We are all friendly crypto enthusiasts up for a chat, supportive and want to help each other with knowledge and investments!
Big thanks to our Telegram and My Crypto HQ for the constant news updates!
Dr Seuss collectables on the blockchain HECK YEAH! and Bitcoin enters NASCAR, remember when Doge did this? it was like when Doge was trending on TikTok.
... Oh yeah did I also mention Steve Wozniak is suing Youtube, Google over rampant Bitcoin scams. Wait, what? Sydney based law firm JPB Liberty is suing Google, Facebook and Twitter for up to $300B. Just another day in the Cryptosphere.
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What's the point of Soft Staking?

Apologies in advance for the long post. Skip it all for the TL;DR.
Because CDC exchange still doesn't allow fiat withdrawls, and only displays prices in USD, I've only recently started considering using it over Binance.je or Coinbase Pro. That's when I learned that CDC Exchange offers soft staking; you can earn interest on idle crypto in your exchange wallet (as long as you have a certain CRO stake); something wich the other exchanges never offered me.
At first I went "wow, can you beat that?", but then it occured to me: CDC also offers the Crypto Earn product on their app; wich for the record, I love and is earning me a pretty generous interest. And upon noticing the abismal difference in interest rates between Earn and Soft Stake, it makes me wonder: why on Earth would you use the Soft Staking?
Crypto Earn interest rates are allways higher than Soft Staking. In the best scenario, if you stake 100'000 CRO on the Exchange, you can earn 4% on USDT. But if you deposit that same USDT on Crypto Earn, the lowest scenario offers you 6%; without any MCO/CRO stake. This gets even more ridiculous in the case of CRO; the Exchange best offer is 5%, the App Earn lowest offer is 12%; again with no stake required. The lowest rates on Earn are better than the highest on Soft Staking.
Having your idle crypto earning interest in the Exchange makes sense, since your coins are ready to actively trade them at anytime; it gives you advantage in mobility and liquidity. But isn't that what the Flexible Term on Crypto Earn already offers you? The Flexible Term can be withdrawn at anytime, and you receive your coins within seconds.
The Soft Staking is (I guess) compounded interest, since it adds up to the coins you have idle in your wallet. The interests in Crypto Earn are not compounded; but again, with the Flexible Term you can just withdraw all and deposit it all again, at anytime, along with the earned interest.
On top of that, CDC allows you to transfer funds between the App and the Exchange instantly and for free.
You could just leave your idle coins in a Flexible term in Earn, and when you see a good opportunity on the Exchange, withdraw them and transfer them to make your trade. It's a hassle, sure, but it can be done in less than 1 minute; and if you are actively watching the markets, you are able to pull this off, since you are alert and during your "active trading hours" anyway. So unless you make margin trades by the second, this isn't "too slow" to make you miss a oportunity.
And if you don't trade everyday, the Soft Staking makes even less sense, since you can just transfer your coins back and forth between the Exchange and Crypto Earn for free, according to your trading schedule.
TL;DR - What is the big advantage of Soft Staking? The Soft Staking only seems to make sense if you have high 30 Day volumes of trading, or buy/sell with "by-the-second precision". I'm also assuming that when you place orders on the order book, said coins aren't elligible for earning interest, since they'r technically not idle on your wallet. Maybe that's the big advantage? Allowing you to earn interest even on placed orders? I feel like I'm missing something obvious.
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Compound by OKEx Airdrop is worth 20,000 USDT in total 🔥 Grab your USDT now!

Compound by OKEx Airdrop is worth 20,000 USDT in total. Register and trade COMP on OKEx to earn 8 USDT, exclusive to new users!
About Compound and OKEx
OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to traders globally by using blockchain technology. OKEx has been a market leader in the blockchain and crypto industry in terms of trading volume, serving countries, and user base. With users from over 100 countries, OKEx offers the most complete product suite in the industry, ranging from spot trading, margin trading, C2C trading, as well as crypto derivatives, helping traders, miners, and institutional investors optimize their investment strategies.
Claim your USDT on AirdropAlert: https://airdropalert.com/compound-airdrop
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TokenClub Bi-Weekly Report — Issue 114(5.4–5.17)

TokenClub Bi-Weekly Report — Issue 114(5.4–5.17)

Hello everyone, thank you for your continued interest and support. In the past two weeks, various tasks of TokenClub have been progressing steadily. The product development and community operation progress this week are as follows:
1. TokenClub Events
1)TokenClub & 499Block reached strategic cooperation in live broadcasting
On May 28th, TokenClub and 499Block reached a strategic cooperation to jointly build a live broadcast ecosystem in the vertical field of blockchain.
2)520e events
When 520 comes, TokenClub launches live interactive interaction. During the event, participate in interactive questions in the live broadcast room or forward the live poster to Twitter and the telegram group, and upload a screenshot to have the opportunity to extract 520, 1314 red envelope rewards


3)Text version of live content is abailable on Medium
In order to better understand the live broadcast of TokenClub by overseas communities, we translated the live broadcast content into English and uploaded it to TokenClub’s Medium official account, so that the community’s small partners can view it.

4)Preview: TokenClub’s self-media grandma is invited to participate in the golden financial theme live event
From May 29th to June 4th, Golden Finance will hold a five-day live broadcast of the theme of “Finding Double Coins”. Grandpa Coin will express his views on June 3, welcome to pay attention.

2.TokenClub Live
1) Summary
Recently, Binance Co-founder He Yi, TRON founder Sun Yuchen, Hobbit HBTC founder Ju Jianhua, OSL chairman Dave, BlockVC founding partner Xu Yingkai, Outlier Ventures founder amie Burke, Bitribe founder SKY, CryptoBriefing CEO Han Kao , Huarai Group / Vice President, Global Market and Business Leader Ciara, Guosheng Securities Blockchain Research Institute Sun Shuang, Tongtongtong Research Institute CEO Song Shuangjie, Jin Tiancheng Law Firm Senior Partner Yu Bingguang, Binance China Jiang Jinze, principal researcher of Blockchain Research Institute, Meng Yan, vice president of Digital Asset Research Institute, co-founder of Primitive Ventures & director of Coindesk advisory board-Dovey Wan, founding partner of Genesis Capital & co-founder of Kushen Wallet Ocean Liao Yangyang, Binance C2C-Kathy, Binance OTC-Coco, Binance Contract & Options-Justin, Binance VIP-Jennifer, Binance Broker-Jess, Binance Mining Pool-Denny, Harbin Institute of Technology Blockchain Research Executive Deputy Director Xu Zhifeng, dForce founder Yang Mindao, Mars Finance co-founder Shang Silin, Cobo & Yuchi co-founder Shenyu, well-known investor Xu Zhe, CasperLabs CEO Mrinal Manohar, CasperLabs co-founder Scott Walker, Chairman of Rock Tree Omer Ozden, Nova Club incubation team leader & Waterdrop Capital partner Zheng Yushan, Rolling Stone miner founder Alex Lam, BitUniverse coin founder Chen Yong, Odaily Planet Daily founder and CEO Mandy Wang Mengdie, Binance stablecoin BUSD project responsible Helen Tu and senior expert of TokenClub blockchain and cryptocurrency investment strategy-Zao Shen talks with you about blockchain things ~
On May 18, Block 101 Binance Key Account Manager Luna talked to Primitive Ventures co-founder, non-profit bitcoin development fund Hardcore Fund executive director, and Coindesk advisory board director-Dovey Wan, to understand “C and C How is the Goddess of Crypto Assets made? “Dovey Wan shared with us on asset allocation, investment judgment, entrepreneurship, DCEP, etc.

On May 19, Block 101 Yingge talked with Sun Zeyu, the founding partner of Genesis Capital and co-founder of Kushen Wallet, to share the theme of “Blockchain Investment Experience”. This investor, who is rated as “reliable” by insiders, recommends that novices try not to touch contracts, do not stay overnight even when making contracts, be alert to risks, refuse gambling, and rationally analyze investments.

On May 20th, 499Block ’s two-year birthday carnival “Global Hot Chain, Keeping Together for Every Year” celebration was held in the TokenClub Live Room. The cross-border AMA Solitaire + popular day group anchor live video sharing, including Binance Co-founder He Yi, TRON founder Sun Yuchen, Hobbit HBTC founder Ju Jianhua, OSL chairman Dave, BlockVC founding partner Xu Yingkai, Outlier Ventures founder amie Burke, Bitribe founder SKY, CryptoBriefing CEO Han Kao, Huobi Group / Vice President Global Markets and Dozens of blockchain leaders from home and abroad, such as Ciara, the business leader, all appeared on the scene, and 499Block became a popular beauty angel group to help the interactive host.

On May 20, Sun Shuang, senior researcher of Guosheng Securities Blockchain Research Institute, Song Shuangjie, Jin Tong, CEO of Tongzhengtong Research Institute were jointly invited by Lingang Xinyefang, Lingang Innovation Management School, and Binance China Blockchain Research Institute. Tian Bingguang Senior Partner Yu Bingguang, Binance China Blockchain Research Institute Chief Researcher Jiang Jinze, Vice President of Digital Assets Research Institute Meng Yan, and many experts talked about the “Critical Digital RMB DCEP” in the live broadcast, one A feast of intertwined thoughts is worth watching again!

On May 21st, Ocean Liao Yangyang, the founder of Block 101 Seven Seven Dialogue Force Field, focused on the “big enlightenment era of digital assets”, Ocean shared with us his entrepreneurial experience, the first pot of gold, public chain, currency circle and Analysis of the current market. Regarding the future of Bitcoin, Ocean feels that he can work hard towards the direction of digital gold and become a substitute or supplement for gold. He is determined to see more, because the ceiling of the entire industry is very high, and he still cannot see its end point. The index level is rising, far from being over.

On May 22, “In the name of the Pizza Festival, we came to a different live broadcast” Bringing Goods “”, which was organized by the girls in the 101-day group of the block: June 6, July 7, Sisi, Yingge, Qianjiangyue , Dialogue: Binance First Sister, Binance C2C-Kathy, Binance OTC-Coco, Binance Contract & Options-Justin, Binance VIP-Jennifer, Binance Broker-Jess, Binance Mining Pool-Denny. We have explained to us one by one about C2C, OTC, contract options, etc. If you are interested, please move to the live room.

On May 22, Block 101 Sisi Dialogue Xu Zhifeng, executive deputy director of the Blockchain Research Center of Harbin Institute of Technology, shared the theme: “Strategy of Great Powers: Seizing New Highlands of Blockchain Technology”. He expressed his views on his own currency circle experience, entrepreneurship, blockchain technology, DECP, etc. Xu Zhifeng is very optimistic about the future development of blockchain. He said: “Ten years later, blockchain will become a very common industry. We are the Internet industry and have never changed.”

On May 23, the old Chinese doctor Zao Shen from the coin circle went online ~ The theme of this issue: If you want to be short, you must be able to sing first, and if you want to be long, you must be patient. If the meal is not fragrant, the game is not good, and the happiness of the past has drifted into the distance, just because the daily reading is still a loss, and the head is hurt. Don’t panic, the old Chinese doctor Zao Shen of the currency circle will adopt the Trinity Interventional Therapy and precise care to regenerate life. Don’t move quickly to the live room to see what “therapy” is.

On May 25, Block 101, July 7th conversation with dForce founder Yang Mindao, talked about “DeFi opportunities and challenges.” Yang Mindao believes that the four biggest benefits of DeFi are: programmability; non-custodial nature; non-licensing; composability. He believes that the current public chain market is seriously homogenized, and the most promising public chain is Ethereum. Ethereum is the best and largest in terms of developer group, ecology, and technological evolution, and can absorb the advantages of each public chain. At the same time, he is also extremely optimistic about DeFi, “DeFi application value is gradually verified, and the value of this type of token will gradually become more prominent.”

On May 26th, Mars Finance co-founder Shang Silin Hardcore Dialogue Cobo & Yuchi co-founder Shenyu and well-known investor Xu Zhe. The trend of “financialization” in the digital asset industry is becoming more and more obvious, and the friends of miners need to master more and more skills. Unveiling the mystery of hedging for everyone.

On May 26th, Nova Superstar Dialogue Phase 13 focused on the Silicon Valley star project CasperLabs, specially invited CasperLabs CEO Mrinal Manohar, CasperLabs co-founder Scott Walker, Rock Tree chairman Omer Ozden, and Nova Club incubation team leader Water Capital Partners Zheng Yushan, discuss CasperLbs together.
On May 26, Block 101 Sisi talked with the founder of the Rolling Stone Miner, Alex Lam, and took us into the “post-worker life” of a PhD in finance. Alex shared the reasons for entering the coin circle, the first pot of gold, mining, pitted pits, investment experience and opportunities in the digital currency industry. Alex said: Bitcoin exceeds US $ 100,000, and it will be in the second half of next year or the year after.
On May 27th, Block 101 Yingge talked with BitUniverse founder Chen Yong and shared the theme: “Who” needs grid trading. Chen Yong mainly introduced the currency trading tool of Bitcoin. In his view, grid trading has changed an investor’s concept-from stud into a batch of positions and positions. Regarding the price of Bitcoin, Chen Yong believes that the price of Bitcoin may reach one hundred thousand dollars around 2030.

On May 28, Block 101 Binance Mining Pool Wu Di talked to Mandai Wang Mengdie, founder of Planet Daily Odaily, to learn more about the process of “media entrepreneurs marching into the blockchain from venture capital circles”. Mandy believes that the core competence in the media industry is high-quality original content, which is the most basic but difficult to stick to. The initial focus of entering the mixed media industry of the dragon and dragon is to focus and amplify value.

On May 29th, Block 101 Qianjiangyue Dialogue Hellen Tu, the project leader of Binance Stablecoin BUSD project, talked with everyone about the stablecoin “Life and Death”, Hellen shared the stablecoin in detail, and published his own the opinion of. For details, please move to the live room.

On May 30th, Zaoshen came to share the theme: Dongfeng blowing, bullets flying, unlimited chase? In this issue, Zao Shen shared with you the recent international financial situation and various major events in the United States in the past week, which extended to the impact on the currency circle and answered various questions about investment strategies. Friends who want to know more details can move to the live room of Zao Shen.
3.TokenClub operation data
-Live data: 13 live broadcasts in the past two weeks, with over 800,000 views. TokenClub hosted a total of 870 live broadcasts with a total of 45.06 million views.
-Binary trade data: In the past two weeks, guess the rise and fall to participate in a total of 1268 times, the amount of participation exceeded 2 million TCT. At present, it is guessed that the rise and fall function has participated in a total of 1.11 million times, with a cumulative participation amount of 498 million TCT.
-Chat data: In the past two weeks, a total of 19271 messages have been generated. A total of 4.85 milliom messages have been launched since the function was launched.
-Mini-game data: The mini-game has participated in a total of 4212 times in the past two weeks. A total of 1,66 million self-functions have been online.
-Cut leeks game data together: Since the game was launched, the total number of user participation in the game was 962612 TCT total consumption was 6,27 million gift certificate total consumption was 15,95million and TCT mining output was 161496.
-TokenClub KOL data: Over the past two weeks, the total reading volume of the BTCGrandpa article has been viewed by more than 300,000 people.
-Social media data: At present, the number of Weibo official accounts is 18033 and the number of Twitter followers is 1332 and we have opened the official Medium account this week, welcome to follow.
-Telegram official group data: In the past 2 weeks, there were 238 chats in the group, and the total number of Telegram official groups is currently 2906.
-Medium data: Medium official account u/TokenClub has published 5 excellent articles, official announcements and updates are published in English, welcome to follow.
1)Overseas Community
TokenClub held an event for forwarding Twitter and telegram group chats for overseas users. Bitcoin halved in less than two weeks, overseas users are more active in the telegram group, and some friends are more concerned about Binance Block 101 live broadcast, aggregation exchange, TCT usage and other issues, the administrator responded in time.On May 12th, when Bitcoin was halved, TokenClub organized a forwarding Twitter, telegram group chat prize event and participating in a live question asking interactive prize event for overseas users. There are many live broadcast events in the near future. The live broadcast poster information will be released to overseas users as soon as possible. The follow-up TokenClub will translate and broadcast high-quality live broadcast content to Twitter and Medium. Bitcoin halved, overseas users are more active in the telegram group, and some partners are more concerned about block 101 live broadcast, bitcoin future price trend, TCT usage and other issues, the administrator responded in time in the group.

2)Domestic community
Sweet Orange Club Weekly News
Last Friday, a holiday, the community opened the red envelope rain event, and brought a sincere gift to everyone while relaxing in the holiday. At the same time, it also sent the most sincere blessings to all mothers in the community on Mother’s Day. Thank you for your long-term support and help to the Orange Club community.

Hundred-day scheduled investment event (Phase II)
The fourth week of the second 100-day fixed investment plan held this week has been awarded, and everyone is still very active in this event. This week, the Bitcoin halving market was also opened in advance. The small partners participating in the fixed investment should now have a certain floating win, so we adopt the correct cycle investment strategy to believe that it can bring unexpected benefits to everyone.
Sign in the lottery.
On the evening of May 3rd and May 10th, TCT Fortune Free Academy carried out the 51st and 52nd week sign-in sweepstakes, and rewarded the small TCT partners who had always insisted on signing in. In these two sign-in sweepstakes, the lucky friends received 20–180TCT as a reward. In addition, during the lucky draw, the college friends also actively expressed their opinions on the topic of this year’s bull market.

The Leek Paradise Community Conference will continue as usual every Sunday at 20:00. During the conference, members will discuss recent hot topics, including gifts and blessings for Mother ’s Day, and the halving of Bitcoin everyone is paying attention to. At the end, the friends in the group also showed a rare enthusiasm at the first sight. It seems that the market still affects the mood. The members routinely started a red envelope rain to cheer for the participating partners and encourage everyone to maintain patience and confidence. Of course, at the same time, we are encouraging ourselves to see the community meeting next week. Come on!

TokenClub volunteer community, sign in red envelopes every day, as long as you sign in every day, you can get good benefits, friends join us quickly! In the past two weeks, the community has conducted active partners.
Volunteer community: Change to the currency circle consultation and pass the analysis of Grandma Coin and Panda analysts, support TokenClub in action, and continue to vote for TCT. In the last month, we have worked hard to learn the rain god’s strategy. We have doubled the coins in our hands. The community WeChat group has recently injected fresh students. We look forward to more people joining! Volunteer community, will continue to work hard for TokenClub
TCT has been listed on Binance、Okex、Gate.io、ZB-M、MXC、Biki、Coinex、BigOne、Coinbene、Cybex、SWFT、Loopring、Rootrex etc.
TokenClub website: www.tokenclub.com
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Binance Futures users can now copy trade and use bots - Wunderbit Trading

We are happy to announce that we completed the integration with Binance Futures platform and it is now live. You can now unleash the full potential of trading on one of the top derivative exchanges with full automation.
Everyone in our community can now set up their TradingView bots to start algorithm trading and build new strategies. If you want to automate your trading strategies in the crypto currency market join our FREE platform – Wunderbit Trading.
Why trade on Binance Futures
Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges with daily volume above 1.5 billion USD and large liquidity pool.
Binance Futures lists futures for top 20+ cryptocurrencies. As any other futures exchange it allows you to buy (go long) and sell (go short) any futures contract with leverage of up to 125x. At the same time, all our users can benefit from cross leverage and cross collateral.
Why trade using Wunderbit Trading
With Wunderbit Trading, Binance users have additional benefits:
  1. Automate crypto trading bots based on TradingView alerts
  2. Advanced trading terminal
  3. Copy trade professional traders and bots
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Kickstarter Roundup: Sep 15, 2019 | 20+ Ending Soon (including: Half Truth) & 40+ New This Week (including: Aeon Trespass: Odyssey)

Ending Soon

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
Sleepy Hollow Re-Release A bit of strategy, a bit of luck and lots of fun! Sleepy Hollow is a fast-paced game suitable for the whole family. // Has raised $937 of $250 so far. (~374%) ☑ 2 - 4 53 $10 / $18 Sep 16 kicktraq bgg #reprint
Shiloh 1862 Volume II in the Civil War Brigade Battle Series. Refight the Battle of Shiloh with this classic hex and counter game. Playable in 3 hr // Has raised $17,476 of $5,000 so far. (~349%) ☑ 1 - 2 223 $59 / $78 Sep 16 kicktraq bgg
Big Fish/Little Fish - a (PnP) solo board game A solo board game where your fish tries to survive by eating its way up the food chain before it gets eaten. // Has raised $67 of $40 so far. (~167%) ☑ 1 - 1 30 $1 / $2 Sep 16 kicktraq
Bossbattle Bunnies: The illustrated 2in1 cardgame! Short dungeoncrawler for 3-6 players. Features 54 unique illustrations! 2in1: Doubles as normal cards for Crazy Eights, Solitaire etc.! // Has raised €4,288 of €4,000 so far. (~107%) ☑ 3 - 6 63 $22 / €68 Sep 17 kicktraq bgg
FREE MARKET - Unique Board Game FREE MARKET is a social board game based on resource management strategy involving cartoonish characters and humorous twists! // Has raised $7,042 of $5,000 so far. (~140%) ☑ 2 - 5 147 $49 / $48 Sep 17 kicktraq bgg #take3
Fired Up - The unique arena board game Join a cyberpunk universe and play as the audience. Win points with your secret objectives. A free expansion and Game Trayz included. // Has raised £14,669 of £16,500 so far. (~88%) 2 - 5 200 $61 / £73 Sep 18 kicktraq bgg #take2
Omen: Heir to the Dunes In Omen: Heir to the Dunes, the rival heirs of Horus and Anubis struggle to bring their god to the head of the pantheon, erect great structures in their favor, and unite ancient Egypt under a rule of Horus’ light or Anubis’ shadow. // Has raised $25,270 of $10,000 so far. (~252%) ☑ 2 - 2 528 $25 / $48 Sep 19 kicktraq bgg
Epic Card Game Jungle New Starter Deck and packs for Epic! All the amazing constructed, sealed and draft play of a TCG without the high cost or random cards! // Has raised $168,973 of $50,000 so far. (~337%) ☑ 2 - 4 3156 $20 / $54 Sep 19 kicktraq bgg #expansion
Queen Bee Use strategy to beat your opponents and become the last remaining Queen Bee. A minis game with a unique spin on player elimination. // Has raised $22,158 of $19,000 so far. (~116%) ☑ 2 - 4 463 $29 / $48 Sep 19 kicktraq bgg #reprint
Scarlet Night Welcome to Scarlet Night. Fully interactive horror boardgame with dedicated soundtrack and lighting. // Has raised €37,185 of €10,000 so far. (~371%) ☑ 1 - 5 461 $72 / €81 Sep 19 kicktraq
Queen Collection & Clash of Vikings A limited Edition and a new Essen release in one campaign // Has raised $10,649 of $5,000 so far. (~212%) ☑ 1 - 4 225 $18 / $47 Sep 19 kicktraq bgg
Yedo: Deluxe Edition A thematic strategy game returns with a Deluxe Master Set: expanded and fully customizable. Come to Yedo and make the city yours! // Has raised $264,576 of $40,000 so far. (~661%) ☑ 2 - 5 2795 $71 / $95 Sep 20 kicktraq bgg #newedition
Gùgōng: Pànjūn Game Brewer is very happy to announce the new release of 4 small Gùgōng expansions! // Has raised $316,674 of $25,000 so far. (~1266%) ☑ 1 - 5 3219 $50 / $98 Sep 20 kicktraq bgg #expansion #newedition
Half Truth A party game by Richard Garfield and Ken Jennings // Has raised $261,275 of $10,000 so far. (~2612%) ☑ 2 - 6 7299 $30 / $36 Sep 20 kicktraq bgg
Animalchemists A strategic multi-tiered market spell-crafting game for 2-5 players. // Has raised $9,351 of $5,000 so far. (~187%) ☑ 2 - 5 362 $19 / $26 Sep 21 kicktraq bgg
Orchard: A 9 card solitaire game A small box solo game of harvesting fruit // Has raised $27,934 of $3,000 so far. (~931%) ☑ 1 - 1 1727 $12 / $16 Sep 22 kicktraq bgg
Windward A strategic board game. Become the most notorious sky captain by harnessing the wind, hunting leviathans, and plundering opponents. // Has raised $138,321 of $20,000 so far. (~691%) ☑ 1 - 4 2591 $54 / $53 Sep 22 kicktraq bgg
BodyShots When a rib can look so much like a hip, can you guess the body part disguised in the pic? // Has raised £3,020 of £2,500 so far. (~120%) ☑ 2 - ? 43 $13 / £70 Sep 22 kicktraq #nsfw
Animal Empire: the Empire Building Card Game Animal Empire, an innovative card game where you build an Empire by capturing your friends as Vassals to team up against everyone else! // Has raised $6,878 AUD of $3,500 AUD so far. (~196%) ☑ 2 - 8 125 $17 / $55 AUD Sep 22 kicktraq bgg
Evil Baby Game Night Edition: Kickstarter Exclusive A Russian Roulette style NSFW card game, last player alive wins against an indestructible Evil Baby...Don't Lose Your Head! // Has raised £3,516 of £300 so far. (~1172%) ☑ 2 - 6 156 $15 / £23 Sep 22 kicktraq bgg #newedition

New This Week

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
Admiral Naval Wargame A complete rule system to play naval clashes in Second World War // Has raised €1,106 of €6,000 so far. (~18%) 2 - 2 14 $56 / €79 Oct 04
Aeon Trespass: Odyssey AeonTrespass:Odyssey is an epic 1-4 player massive campaign game of adventures, base building and tactical battles with giant monsters. // Has raised $655,409 of $50,000 so far. (~1310%) ☑ 1 - 4 6364 $69 / $103 Sep 30 bgg
Aspirations of Kalos Card Game Aspirations of Kalos is a strategy card game based around your champion who is fueled by your deck. The goal is to reach 15 Aspiration. // Has raised $409 of $2,500 so far. (~16%) 2 - 2 6 $12 / $68 Nov 07
Bagan, the board game Bagan is a family board game. It is all about strategy. And temples. Lots of temples! // Has raised €399 of €1,500 so far. (~26%) 2 - 4 11 $39 / €36 Oct 15
Battle of the Nations 1813 Strategy Game for 2 Players (12 years and older) // Has raised €992 of €2,490 so far. (~39%) 2 - 2 24 $37 / €41 Sep 28
Card Game: The Card Game. A game about cards! What would happen if the most iconic effects and mechanics were merged in a single game? // Has raised MX$113,055 of MX$75,000 so far. (~150%) ☑ 2 - 5 268 $26 / MX$422 Oct 12 #take2
Code 3 Pick police officers, run red lights, answer 911 calls, find evidence, kick doors in, take down crimes bosses -- and eat donuts!! // Has raised $28,992 of $20,000 so far. (~144%) ☑ 2 - 4 518 $45 / $56 Oct 13 bgg
Crypto Millionaire A fun and addictive Cryptocurrency Board Game For Adults, Families & Crypto Enthusiasts // Has raised £1,742 of £5,800 so far. (~30%) 2 - 6 61 $33 / £29 Oct 03
Dice & Ink: A Roll & Write Anthology An anthology of 10 Roll & Write games, by 11 different designers, all bound in a book. // Has raised $7,224 of $15,000 so far. (~48%) ? - ? 273 $29 / $26 Sep 27
Donning the purple + Votes & Virtue expansion How would you rule the Roman empire? Show your true colors in this asymmetrical king of the hill game. // Has raised kr310,530 NOK of kr110,000 NOK so far. (~282%) ☑ 1 - 3 584 $36 / kr532 NOK Oct 03 bgg #expansion #reprint
Dragon Bridge: A magical card battle for two players Two wizards engage in an original magic-battle on a bridge guarded by a dragon - all in a super-portable 35-card package! // Has raised $2,101 of $2,500 so far. (~84%) 2 - 2 73 $9 / $29 Oct 10 bgg
Equilibrium: The Game of Movement and Balance A brand-new blend of family board game and physical movement, designed to bring balance back to our lives. // Has raised $10,894 of $10,000 so far. (~108%) ☑ 2 - 4 102 $25 / $107 Oct 10
Galactic Presidency In this board game you battle in the arena to become the GALACTIC PRESIDENT! // Has raised $423 of $32,000 so far. (~1%) 2 - 5 7 $60 / $60 Oct 12 bgg
Gaons and Golems Summon Golems and be the last Gaon standing in this simple game of strategy and luck - Limited homemade beta set - only 100 sets // Has raised £85 of £600 so far. (~14%) 2 - 4 4 $26 / £21 Sep 24
Glass Knights - The Gentleman’s Chess Board & Drinking Game The iconic chess game reimagined into a set of uniquely crafted glass pieces that double as shot glasses for your next party. // Has raised $23,015 of $15,000 so far. (~153%) ☑ 2 - 2 232 $99 / $99 Oct 23
Hey Cutie A dating sim card game about crushing on vampires, wooing sexy cyborgs, and sabotaging your opponents' love lives. // Has raised $2,795 of $13,000 so far. (~21%) 2 - 6 65 $25 / $43 Oct 12 bgg
Hit City Hustle A strategic, tabletop card game for 2-4 players. // Has raised $837 of $10,000 so far. (~8%) 2 - 4 19 $25 / $44 Oct 09
Intensity Intensity is a fun fast paced game of survival! There is only one goal; do what the card says or you're out! // Has raised $99 of $1,000 so far. (~9%) ? - ? 3 $15 / $33 Oct 12
It's on the House - Drinking Card Game A deck of hand-printed drinking card game cards, there are 71 cards including the rules card. // Has raised £2 of £6,700 so far. (~0%) ? - ? 2 $13 / £1 Oct 13 #hmm
Loteria Halloween Para Siempre by Sick.Sad.Girls A spooky take on the traditional Loteria board game. // Has raised $221 of $5,000 so far. (~4%) 2 - 10 9 $20 / $25 Oct 08 bgg
LOTS: A Competitive Tower Building Game A three-dimensional puzzle game for 1 to 4 builders. // Has raised $8,573 of $7,000 so far. (~122%) ☑ 1 - 4 345 $25 / $25 Sep 30 bgg
LumberJerks A fast-paced, take-that, lumberjack-themed card game. Chop block your friends and be the first to yell timber! // Has raised $5,356 of $8,000 so far. (~66%) 2 - 5 131 $16 / $41 Oct 02 bgg
MemWars - The Art of Memory (Relaunch) Master the Art of Memory with this exciting tabletop board game. Strategy, tactics, and accurate recall win the key to all mythologies. // Has raised $592 of $9,000 so far. (~6%) ? - ? 9 $59 / $66 Oct 11 #take2
Mint Cooperative Mint Cooperative puts you and your fellow superheroes to work delivering the citizens of Mintopia from the threat of periodontal peril! // Has raised $58,066 of $10,000 so far. (~580%) ☑ 1 - 4 4081 $10 / $14 Oct 04 bgg
MYRACLIA: Draft - Terraform - Expand New board game by Rudy Priecinsky // Has raised $9,637 of $7,000 so far. (~137%) ☑ 2 - 5 219 $29 / $44 Oct 02 bgg
Nouvelle-France board game Game of strategy and block placement // Has raised $24,771 CAD of $65,000 CAD so far. (~38%) 2 - 4 281 $57 / $88 CAD Oct 10 bgg
Nunami, an Inuit game. An Inuit table top game that promotes healthy cohabitation with natural elements. // Has raised $17,973 CAD of $20,000 CAD so far. (~89%) 2 - 4 365 $27 / $49 CAD Oct 09 bgg #reprint
OutOut - the university drinking card game A drinking card game, designed by University Students, for University Students // Has raised £24 of £2,000 so far. (~1%) 3 - ? 2 $19 / £12 Oct 13
Philosophia An Epic, Odyssey, Sandbox, Adventure for 1 to 6 players. Dare to be wise in this unique tabletop experience. // Has raised £16,346 of £20,000 so far. (~81%) 1 - 6 240 $72 / £68 Oct 10 bgg
Polemos: Battle-Royale Board Game A battle royale, tile placement, strategical board game with grid movement and resources management mechanics. // Has raised $1,873 AUD of $37,000 AUD so far. (~5%) 2 - 6 6 $42 / $312 AUD Oct 10 bgg
Queen Collection & Clash of Vikings A limited Edition and a new Essen release in one campaign // Has raised $10,649 of $5,000 so far. (~212%) ☑ 1 - 4 225 $18 / $47 Sep 19 bgg
Rental Rumble Indie board game celebrating video rental stores and movies from the 80s and 90s. // Has raised $8,460 of $10,000 so far. (~84%) 2 - 4 226 $29 / $37 Oct 13
Rugby: The Game A board game based on Rugby, in a card and dice format. A stylised version of the sport, where we keep the action, and ease the rules. // Has raised $2,865 NZD of $10,000 NZD so far. (~28%) 2 - 2 34 $39 / $84 NZD Oct 18
RUMBLE! A 2-6 Player (Competitive/Party) Collectible Trading Card Game in which you will RUMBLE! on the street to see who'll be the CHAMPION! // Has raised $2 of $12,700 so far. (~0%) 2 - 6 2 $40 / $1 Nov 01
Shepherds and Wolves A handcrafted strategy board game of cat and mouse, where wolves try to capture sheep and shepherds protect sheep by capturing wolves. // Has raised $1,493 of $3,500 so far. (~42%) 2 - 2 23 $30 / $65 Oct 25
Skulduggery! A fast-paced, take-that game of looting and backstabbing! // Has raised $1,977 of $2,000 so far. (~98%) 3 - 8 74 $25 / $27 Oct 14
SQUABBLES: The Game Of Conflict Resolution The role-playing game that teaches students how to resolve conflicts before they get out of control! // Has raised $6,051 of $7,500 so far. (~80%) ? - ? 99 $30 / $61 Oct 13
Stacked Stacked is a dexterity and trick taking game // Has raised $4,408 of $15,000 so far. (~29%) 1 - 5 94 $48 / $47 Oct 04 bgg
The Isofarian Guard A 1-2 player narrative driven boardgame featuring a fully voice acted storyline and musical score powered by Forteller! // Has raised $127,470 of $54,000 so far. (~236%) ☑ 1 - 2 1928 $79 / $66 Oct 03 bgg
Touring America 2 - 4 player board game // Has raised £32 of £1,000 so far. (~3%) 2 - 4 3 $38 / £11 Nov 08
Traders of the Air A Steampunk Trading Game Based on a Distant Planet // Has raised $661 of $2,500 so far. (~26%) 2 - 4 13 $39 / $51 Oct 10 bgg
ULTIMATE RUSH Slay INSANE Monsters in your Fight to become Famous!! 2 to 6 Players // Has raised $6,471 of $10,000 so far. (~64%) 2 - 6 165 $39 / $39 Oct 10 bgg
Yedo: Deluxe Edition A thematic strategy game returns with a Deluxe Master Set: expanded and fully customizable. Come to Yedo and make the city yours! // Has raised $264,576 of $40,000 so far. (~661%) ☑ 2 - 5 2795 $71 / $95 Sep 20 bgg #newedition

Need moar Kickstarter goodness?

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If you enjoy these lists, maybe toss me a buck now and then. Signing up for a free AirTable account via my referral link can help, too. Plus, it's swell!
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CryptoGems x Digitalbits 17th of April AMA. $XDB

Interviewer: Moose Team Member: Michael Luckhoo Telegram channel AMA: https://t.me/CryptoGEMS_official Digitalbits Telegram: https://t.me/digitalbits Token ticker: XDB
Interviewer: Q1 Looks like Libra is moving forward. Is this bullish or bearish for you?
Michael Luckhoo: Definitely bullish. Firstly, this is further validation that brands like the Libra members including Facebook are embracing cryptocurrencies. That being said, not all enterprises have the internal technical capability like Facebook/Libra to build their own cryptocurrency internally. This is a massive market opportunity and the DigitalBits blockchain along with certain ecosystem participants are well positioned to support various brands with creating their own form of branded cryptocurrency on the DigitalBits blockchain.
Interviewer: glad to hear that , Libra would probably become the biggest branded coin out there
Michael Luckhoo: yes, but we can also help other brands to deploy their own and connect with others, such as Libra.
Interviewer: most brand dont have the capability like libra to build their own Stablecoin , that lead us to the next question from a community member.
Interviewer: Q2: I'm a business owner, I want a loyalty program. Why would $XDB be a solution for me ?
Michael Luckhoo: Businesses imploring the use of a blockchain based loyalty systems can provide a number of benefits: deeper marketing intelligence into the consumer buying behaviour, greater connectivity to other brands on the network and access to other value-adds on the network for both program operators (brands) and their consumers. For branded cryptocurrencies that are also listed on secondary-markets / exchanges, there is also the potential for enhanced liquidity for that branded cryptocurrency when compared to the legacy form of that asset, and in turn increasing the potential for such a brand's reward to appear more desirable to certain consumers given the enhancement to utility.
Interviewer: would it be easy for a client to reach you and setup the loyalty program? like a key in hand solution for new client ?
Michael Luckhoo: Ultimately DigitalBits serves as the network layer to support this industry, therefore we are agnostic to which parties build on the network. As a result we are forming strong partnerships to become the application layer to support the on-boarding of such clients that wish to have a one-stop setup. These ecosystem partners are an integral part to develop a key-in-hand solution as you suggest. Stay tuned for some updates on this :wink:
Interviewer: lovely ! your talking about forming partnership to become a easy step solution for new client ... with established partnerships with Pundi X, Kucoin - is Asia your primary market? Or you're going to develop other markets (Europe, North America, South America, Africa) at the same time?
Michael Luckhoo: Asia is obviously a massive market, however, it is not the only market wherein enterprises are embracing the DigitalBits blockchain. North America and Europe are home to other companies already collaborating with the DigitalBits blockchain.
Interviewer: i see you said companies with a (s) :grin:
Michael Luckhoo: :wink: next question..
Interviewer: lets go to the 4th question then eheh Q4: Is there truth in Bittrex maybe adding XDB to their trading pairs?
Michael Luckhoo: We cannot comment at this time specific to any future exchanges. However, we are routlinely contacted by exchanges….
Interviewer: gotcha , anyway i think Kucoin is a solid add to XDB and again congratz on this listing
Michael Luckhoo: I think so too, thank you.
Interviewer: The XDB roadmap is still not fully filled Q5:What are the time scales for the partnership announcements?
Michael Luckhoo: As we have just commenced Q2, we have commenced partnership announcements with critical players that will support the industry of branded cryptocurrencies. Considering the news of the ECD service with KuCoin, each of these parties play a specific role in supporting DigitalBits, from procurement and liquidity (ECD), to custody solutions, business registries and payment operators. This ecosystem is able to provide brands with a wide range of support to launch their own branded currency. We are also actively supporting new ecosystem additions that will each play a role in expanding use of the DigitalBits blockchain, some of which will be announced shortly.
Interviewer: Regarding the new partnership with Kucoin , what does it mean for XDB in term of volume / exposure / utility ? How can it affect the demande of the XDB token?
Michael Luckhoo : We are obviously excited to see KuCoin launch their Enterprise Currency Desk (ECD) service and XDB to be one of the first to support this. The ECD may provide a host of benefits to the businesses in a more frictionless way, some of the benefits include: Ease of transaction for token procurement, Guidance on requirements for specific functions depending on the blockchain application, automated business function, similar to a subscription plan for the blockchain - businesses not only need the access to tokens for certain functions, they need a "refuel system" to guide them for the next batch and so forth in a cost-effective and seamless way. We cannot comment on expected volume that Kucoin's ECD will drive for XDB. That being said, any demand Kucoin creates in marketing its ECD service to enterprises is obviously positive exposure for DigitalBits and the XDB token.
Interviewer: ease of transaction for token procurement .. it mean kucoin will buy the token for the client?
Michael Luckhoo: yes, they can enact this type of service on the clients’ behalf.
Interviewer: nice ! perfect so next question Q7 : Is Julie the CMO of walmart still working with you actively?
Michael Luckhoo: yes, Julie continues to be a very active advisory board member. She is also engaged, through her role with another organization, in other aspects of the DigitalBits ecosystem that we cannot comment on at this time..
Interviewer: glad to hear she is still there actively , its a big name to have onboard ! Soo during your last AMA your team was talking about a client with 10 000 000user ... where will companies get the amount they need to create their loyalty program knowing it need 10xdb per wallet? Lets say the current one have 10m user , it need 100m XDB to make their program , where will they get that amount? Will it have any effect on the trading token?
Michael Luckhoo: DigitalBits doesn’t have the obligation to supply consumer wallets with XDB tokens. Therefore, companies and their respective applications that are used by consumers will have the responsibility to ensure that their wallets have a sufficient amount of XDB tokens. With that being said, the company may source these tokens from the open-market and utilize services such as Kucoin's ECD to purchase XDB tokens.
Interviewer: ah that make sense. hence why this partnership is so important ! So any new client could refer to kucoin EDC and get their amount for their user
Michael Luckhoo: yes, they can. We hope to see other major exchanges explore concepts such as this as well in the future to induce a more business-centric approach to engaging with blockchain.
Interviewer: I'll be more than happy to see Binance going this way... knowing CZ is constantly talking about Stablecoin its looking good ! Q9: What is the number 1 feature of XDB that will drive adoption? When is the peak of adoption as a guesstimate?
Michael Luckhoo: Beyond technology features, the key to adoption is Execution. At the end of the day, its nice to have a product and/or a service that is viable, but ultimaltely the team and experience of a strong go-to-market strategy is what brings adoption. To date, many crypto projects have been lacking in this department. It’s hard to state when the peak of adoption will occur, but we are in the growth-stage of this industry as it would seem.
The early adopter and the early majority being able to connect in this stage is what is key to bring adoption and signifies this stage as well, we refer to it as crossing the chasm.
Interviewer: Its true , and most project depend on the crypto success ... however loyalty program are already a thing that hasn’t change a lot during past year
Does the situation with the Covid19 affect the work of the XDB team ?
Michael Luckhoo: Not at all, we are working very well remotely and still advocating the benefits of blockchain technology to support the consumer industry even more so now as consumers are even in heightened alert of how they spend, save and earn with the brand!
Nice , as long as all of you guys stay safe so you keep these update coming in !!
lest go to the next and sadly final question for this Ama ! à
Q10: Bringing the masses to crypto instead of crypto to the masses"" Will we see this kickstart in 2020 or rather mid-longterm?"
Michael Luckhoo: This is a pivotal year in crypto as we continue to see companies expand their interest in the space (Facebooks' Libra coin, to Bakkt's acquistion of Bridge2, Walmart patents surrounding Stablecoin). Blockchain cotninues to gain greater validation regardless of market conditions. We continue to be a voice advocating this along with major players in bringing the masses to crypto by using pathways already familiar to the average user via seamless integrations. The average new person in this case may first own a branded cryptocurrency as their first crypto vs it first being Bitcoin, which is a big leap forward. As mentioned, as we enter into an economic downturn, consumers will be on heightened alert to want to save and earn more rewards from brands. Therefore, we expect no slow down in the use cases for branded cryprocurrencies, including branded stablecoins. Please check out this interesting read: Bailouts, CBDCs and Branded Currencies Tangible Solutions Amidst Global Crisis:
Interviewer: i will sure read this just after , its exciting to see these massive player getting into stablecoin in 2020
I know you guys dont have much time and again thank you for this AMA , i was wondering if you can drop us something for new potential investor , we are many here invested in XDB but some people here dont even know what it is ! Im just trying to flex more info here before it end 🙃
Michael Luckhoo: Thank you for all of your support Moose and I realize the tremendous support from your community. What I can say is that we have some major news coming in light within the upcoming months, this is not something that is recent, but rather what we have been working on for the past few years. As this seems to be the year that businesses are entering the space, it would not be unreasonable to hear a few big name companies of which will be announced this year.. I can’t say much more due to confidentiality agreements, but I can say that big-hitters are coming to crypto-town.
Talk to you all soon 🙂
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History Export and Email Alerts

History Export and Email Alerts
Cryptowatch is the only terminal you need to analyze, make, and manage trades on top crypto exchanges. Try our Basic plan to see how much easier trading can be.
Read this changelog on Cryptowatch: https://cryptowat.ch/changelog/2020-02-25

History Export

You can now download ledgers of your 2019 transaction history from Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Binance, and Bitfinex directly from the History Export tab of your portfolio in Cryptowatch. Downloadable as CSV files, these ledgers can be used to help with tax reporting, trade style analysis, or value at risk (VaR) calculations.
In order to get your downloads, you will need to have the correct permissions set for your exchanges’ API keys so Cryptowatch can download and format the data. Each export will have the fields you need to break down each transaction on your account: timestamp, type (fee, income, deposit, withdrawal, buy, sell), asset, quantity, value, transaction ID and even the onchain transaction ID if relevant and the exchange supports that info.
Requests may take up to 24 hours to prepare - we will email you when your report is ready.
History exports in progress

Email Alerts

Now, in addition to setting alerts by clicking on the y-axis of the price and volume charts, you can set and edit alerts in a modal. We also added a new method of alert delivery: email.
Setting an email alert

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We’ve opened up the trollbox to everyone with a free Cryptowatch account. Pick your username carefully, be civil, and try to enjoy each others’ company. The trollbox is at the bottom right hand side of Cryptowatch - this icon:
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Crypto Market Below $200 Billion, Bitcoin Falling To Sub-$7,000 Levels

Crypto Market Below $200 Billion, Bitcoin Falling To Sub-$7,000 Levels

If Bitcoin Fails To Keep Its Current Levels, The Crypto Market May Experience Another Steep Downfall
What seemed a week of upwards momentum for the crypto sector vanished in the past 24 hours, as Bitcoin suffered from a massive price hit. The leading cryptocurrency to date saw an almost $200-per-minute slump, forcing the market to retreat below $200 billion total capitalization.
Apart from Bitcoin, which almost deleted its gains from the start of the week, other crypto projects felt the same downwards push. Ethereum (ETH) lost 7% off its price, currently trading at $159,20 despite a weekly high of $172.
Ripple (XRP) fell with 7% pricewise, shaking hands around $0.1886. The third-largest cryptocurrency almost managed to mitigate the massive price drop due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, reaching levels of $0.203868. The rest of the top-100 chart is almost entirely in the red, with projects losing 2-10% of their gains from the past week. The stablecoin realm managed to record increased trading volumes, mainly due to outflow from holding Bitcoin.
Crypto traders noted that Bitcoin’s $6,900 trading level is the first major support zone for crypto bulls. If the weekend pressure manages to overcome the bullish resistance, the next possible low for Bitcoin is expected at around $6,000. Crypto trader Michael van de Poppe commented on the current market situation, noting that “we might see a liquidity shortage at $7,500-7,700, which would result in a sharp price drop.”
Indeed, crypto experts pointed out that technically, Bitcoin formed a “double-top” bearish formation, which bulls didn’t manage to hold. Some experts think the downwards correction is most probably due to whale traders. Twitter crypto bot WhaleAlert exposed a series of mid-size transactions from exchanges to private crypto wallets. The amounts, ranging between 900 and 5,000 BTC, are too small to be classified as internal restructuring, but large enough to be noticed. For example, WhaleAlert tweeted about a 5,000 BTC transaction (worth $36,484,419 at the time of publication) between Bitfinex and a yet unspecified wallet address.
It seems whales are moving their stash to somewhere safe, probably expecting another portion of a downward correction, which correlates with the increased trading volumes in stablecoins, as they are commonly referred to as a gateway between fiat and crypto.
Meanwhile, the crypto market seems to be engulfed by fear, according to the Fear & Greed Index. The index indicates a measure of 15. The traditional stock market seems a bit more trustworthy, at least from the Index reading of 43, as the U.S. Federal Reserve issued at least two trillion in stimulus packages to U.S. citizens.
However, some crypto projects continue to thrive amid the global market recession and virus outbreaks. ChainLink (LINK), for example, managed to go up 32% just from the past week. The oracle platform’s token also almost doubled itself from the COVID-19 lows of mid-March. However, LINK is still 38% of its all-time high of $4,97, recorded days before the massive market wipe-out.
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Pay with BTC and Better Alerts Management

Pay with BTC and Better Alerts Management
Cryptowatch is the only terminal you need to analyze, make, and manage trades on top crypto exchanges. Try our Basic plan to see how much easier trading can be.
Read this changelog on Cryptowatch: https://cryptowat.ch/changelog/2020-03-10

Pay for Cryptowatch with Bitcoin

Cryptowatch has paid plans to unlock trading and portfolio upgrades, access to APIs and more. You've been asking to pay in Bitcoin, so we've enabled it. From your account's Subscription page, you can now pay for your plan in Bitcoin via BTCPay Server. The option also exists when you create a new account.
Paying with Bitcoin

See all your alerts in the alerts menu

You can now see all your alerts, across markets, in the alerts dropdown from any trading terminal page. You can also create, modify, and cancel them from here. To learn more about how alerts work on Cryptowatch, check out our Guides.
Managing all alerts from a single chart
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36 Million XRP Tokens Transferred Amid Ripple Price Swings

36 Million XRP Tokens Transferred Amid Ripple Price Swings

Despite The Market Fluctuations, It Seems That Whales Are Continuing To Make Large Transactions Of XRP
The crypto market is mostly marking positive price deviations, as Bitcoin’s price increased with 8% on a daily basis, trading at $5,230.72, as of press time. Bitcoin’s positive push affected the entire market, as the vast majority of the top-100 cryptocurrencies are seeing gains in the 5-15% range.
However, the usual whale activity didn’t stop when the crypto sector was in the red. Crypto watchdog service WhaleAlert noted that $5 million worth of XRP tokens were transferred from the Liquid crypto exchange to yet unspecified wallet address. Coincidence or not, the 36 million XRP tokens were transferred amid the XRP positive price movement.
Strangely, WhaleAlert reported of two consecutive transactions – the first from an unknown address to Liquid, and the second – from the exchange to a different unknown address. The transaction, due to price shifts, earned around $100,00 for the end recipient.
Ripple (XRP) is at its lowest price point in over a year. The rollercoaster ride for the third-largest cryptocurrency, based on market capitalization, began at the beginning of March when the entire crypto sector plummeted with 20-30%.
Ripple saw unprecedented lows, reaching $0.115093 per XRP token. However, shortly after the dip, the price stabilized and is currently sitting at $0.144702, which is a ten-percent increase from the past 24 hours. The trend can be observed in the entire crypto sector, as well.
Nevertheless, the stress on cryptocurrencies intensified when Bitcoin failed to prove the claims of being a safe haven asset, like traditional gold. The market capitalization of the crypto sector saw a substantial increase of over ten percent. Trading volumes, however, are still not so huge to provoke a bullish run, crypto experts conclude.
Technically, Ripple managed to break and hold a key resistance mark of $0,13 with attempts to jump over $0,15. However, the next 72 hours may be crucial for Ripple’s short-term future, as traders are seeking a breakthrough above $0,20 and a strong support zone in the $0,17 region.
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Tether Mints Another Batch Of 180 Million Tokens Amid High Trading Volumes

Tether Mints Another Batch Of 180 Million Tokens Amid High Trading Volumes

The Company Was Accused Of Not Undertaking Auditing When Issuing The New Tokens
Tether, one of the most controversial crypto projects in the sector has minted nearly 180 million USDT on March 24, 2020 alone. The crypto community raised a flag of concern whether Tether is acting as a support for Bitcoin’s price. Some experts believe the leader in the stablecoin category of cryptocurrencies is preparing for a possible demand surge. The surge, if happens, will most likely significantly affect the price of Bitcoin, as well as the entire crypto sector, as USDT is often referred to a “gateway” to the world of crypto.
Twitter-based crypto watchdog WhaleAlert informed the crypto community that Tether’s Treasury released two separate batches of USDT – the first batch contained 120,000,000 USDT, while the other contained 60 million tokens.
However, the crypto community sees something outside of the regular minting process. Amid 40% drops in the sector, most of the stablecoin projects started minting tokens to cope with the possible demands after the fall. However, Tether leads the pack, with over $240 million USDT tokens, created in just three days. WhaleAlert discovered a total of four batches of 60 million USDT between March 18 and March 20.
The CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo Ardoino, kept his stance that the current token minting is nothing more than an “inventory replenish.” However, looking at Tether’s trading volumes, crypto experts are concerned about the long-term capability of Tether to back such vast quantities of USDT with U.S. dollars.
The trading volume difference between Tether and Bitcoin is now over $9 billion in Tether’s favor. The leader in stablecoins recorded $54,547,033,958 in trading volumes in the past 24 hours, while Bitcoin still hangs below the $50 billion mark.
Ardoino explained that albeit the tokens being minted, they are not issued into circulation, which means there are no backing issues.
The real concern crypto enthusiast and experts have, is to what extended Tether controls and/or defines Bitcoin’s price. The #1 crypto recorded a strong weekly recovery, regaining 25% of the losses, which Bitcoin recorded only a week ago. Currently, Bitcoin trades at $6,735.5, with a 67,76% dominance over the crypto sector. Despite the massive fall from March 23, Bitcoin recovered and started a steep climb ever since, with a high of $6,809.57.
Ethereum (ETH), the altcoin leader, is up with 15% weekly, trading at $136.28, as of press time. Ripple (XRP) managed to stay afloat over $0,16, with some turbulent price shifts last week. Currently, Ripple sells for $0.160390, which is almost 1% down over the past 24 hours.
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Crypto Market Crashes, Stablecoins Reach Record In Trading Volumes

Crypto Market Crashes, Stablecoins Reach Record In Trading Volumes

Crypto Experts Are Considering The Market-Wide Sell-Off As The Primary Cause Of The Market Crash
The crypto market saw yet another wave of downward motion, mostly due to traders selling their Bitcoin stash. Early on March 12, the price per BTC fell 25% to trade as low as $5,959.67. On some exchanges, Bitcoin saw lows of around $5,200, which further reduced investor enthusiasm.
This is the second substantial price dip for the last seven days, wiping off nearly 30% of the total market capitalization. The total market capitalization of the crypto sector dipped with $50 billion, almost leveling it with the 24h trading volumes of around 164 billion, according to data from CoinMarketCap.
Some crypto portals link the sell-off with the spreading of nCoV-19 disease, which caused widespread turbulence amid the traditional finance sector. “Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin, in particular, are entering a short-term bearish market, as investors are concerned about Bitcoin not managing to act as a safe-haven asset,” Mathew Dibb, co-founder of Stack commented.
Furthermore, Bloomberg’s Galaxy Crypto index plummeted with almost 30%, pushing out any potential investors.
Technically, the massive price dump is caused by long position liquidation. Bitcoin alone saw $655 million worth of BTC liquidated on only on BitMEX. Crypto analyst Joseph Young rang the bell, citing that this move would further reduce the ground beneath Bitcoin. Also, Whale Alert reported of $10,7 billion worth of Bitcoin were transferred between wallets on Binance, and $11 billion worth of BTC was transferred from a not-yet specified wallet to the Huobi crypto exchange. Such major coin relocation means that crypto whales are moving their saving, which could further be a catalyst for price fluctuations.
Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency to date, saw a 31% price decline, to trade as low as 134.85 from a price point of $249.98 just a week before. Strangely, trading volumes for Ethereum do not show significant increases, as with Bitcoin, for example. The altcoin leader lost a total of 35% over the course of the past week, resulting in a total gain wipeout from the start of 2020.
The other top-10 cryptocurrencies also record over 25% price decreases. Ripple went beneath $0.20 to trade at $0,156224 as of press time. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is down 33%, Bitcoin SV (BSV) lost 36% of its price, while ChainLink (LINK) nears a 40% price wipeout.
On the other hand, stablecoins see increased interest among crypto traders. The world’s largest stablecoin, Tether, broke over the $1,00 barrier, trading at $1,03. Trading volumes also increased, reaching $65+billion, which is one of the best scores for Tether in 2020. The main reason for Tether’s volume increase is the fact most of the traders use the stablecoin as a gateway for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.
USD Coin (USDC) also recorded increased interest, reaching over $1,5 billion in daily trading volumes, which is an all-time high for the stablecoin. Paxos Standard (PAX), True USD (TUSD), as well as Binance USD (BUSD) also received a welcoming push, further cementing the role of stablecoins in crypto trading.
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Trading with the Volume Profile (Beginner) Introducing: TradrPro Alert System By Chartguys.com How to subscribe to Crypto bot for volume alerts - Dukhan Bot How to Use Volume to Trade Cryptocurrencies: Trading ... FAKE Trade Volume (95%!) on CoinMarketCap! These are real standings: BTC#1, EOS#2, ETH#3, BNB#4

Cryptocurrency alerts, monitoring, notifications, trading information. Email. Title New Coin - This alert keeps you informed on if there is a new coin released for trading in the entire crypto market. Learn More Market Cap Change (By %) - This alert notifies you when your selected coin's market cap goes above or below your selected percentage. Learn More Best Crypto Alerts (Services) Coinwink. Coinwink is an open-source platform that will notify you through emails or SMS in case of any changes according to your preferences. So you don’t need to constantly check cryptocurrency prices anymore. Create currency and percentage alerts for 1500+ coins in BTC, ETH, EUR, GBP, AUD, and CAD. CoinMarketCap, one of the most prominent sources of crypto trading information, claims that the bitcoin market’s average daily volume is roughly $6 billion.On the other side, Bitwise Asset Management, the provider of index and beta crypto assets funds, says that the Coin Market Cap data is wrong and that the actual average daily bitcoin trading volume is only $273 million. Many of the coins trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges are not discussed in the mainstream media. We will keep you informed on any breaking news in the crypto sector.

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Trading with the Volume Profile (Beginner)

Our bot gives you alert about where the volume is going and what coin have potential to rise ... How to subscribe to Crypto bot for volume alerts - Dukhan Bot ... Trade Ideas Scanner Live for Day ... Dukhan bot v0.4, Crypto currency Binance volume alert & trading heper Ahmad Dukhan. Loading... Unsubscribe from Ahmad Dukhan? ... Crypto Alert Walkthrough - BTC LTC ETH - Discussion on Abnormal ... Simple Method To Find Perfect Entry And Exit Points When Trading Cryptocurrency As A ... TradrPro Crypto Alert Example OVerbought ... Trading Tip #20: How to Use Volume to Spot ... This video dives into the On-Balance-Volume indicator, a simple volume based indicator that can indicate both weak and strong trends. + We have a new tier on... This video showcases a beginner's guide to using the Volume Profile. The Volume Profile is a fantastic tool to analyze price spots of high and low volume where you could potentially put your entry ...